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  • beckyfen
    hi, about 3 years ago my partner had optic neuritis and was treated for it at the time they queried ms but he had no other symptoms so it wasn’t taken any further. Since then he got very mild nerve like pain in the same spot over and over. It has come back now but quite severe nerve pain, he is seeing a dr tomorrow and I’m just not sure if this could be something unrelated to the optic neuritis or if this could be a sign he is developing ms. 
    I know everyone’s story is different with ms but I’d like to know if this sounds familiar for anyone as I’m unsure what to think.
    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help :) 
  • maria1
    beckyfen, what has the doctor said? is it ms? how are you taking the news, whatever it is?
  • katedaisy
    I think I need a lot of information on this, thank you for sharing 
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  • sandraecampbell
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