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  • boisenberry73
    Hi All,
    Does anyone get little tiny sensations periodically like a nerve has  died? Kinda wired I know. It's not so much a twitch or muscle twitch or painful or anything. it's much smaller than that. seem to be losing a lot of muscle as well. Thanks!
  • jasonprestovfd
    Yup, I get that all the time and have had it for years. To me it's like a tiny bug bite, but there is never anything there. Sometimes it sets off an involuntary muscle movement that makes my leg go flying like I'm kicking a ball (eventhough I'm laying down). 
    It's just a minor annoyance, and I've gotten use to it.
  • ErinNicole
    I get those too. Sometimes it’s painful and sometimes it’s not.

    I’ve also lost a lot of muscle. Pre diagnosis I was 145 lbs size 6. Now I’m 120 size 4. 25 lbs and only 1 pant size. I actually miss being 145 lol
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