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  • scorpiooct25
    Has anyone felt as though it’s beginging to rain and you feel the first droplet. Then when I go to look, it’s completely dry? Or for instance, yesterday I thought my water bottle in my bag was leaking because it felt as though water was spilling onto my toes through my cloth loafers and then look and notice there’s no water leaking?
    Its scary because my son says he feels that sometimes as well. He’s also complained to me about how he has tingling feelings in his hands/feet. Then there’s organization and memory. He’s having some serious problems this school year (first year of jr hs) with remembering to turn things in, pencils in his locker, etc. I’m so scared to have him checked out for MS because of the possible outcome. I also don’t want to associate the symptoms that I have to the ones he’s having with MS. 
    I have an appointment today, and coincidentally school was canceled for his school district due to weather. So I’m going to take him with me and see what my neurologist suggests. Please pray for a positive (negative) outcome. He’s only 11 and still adjusting to my dx (2016).
  • dkw
    Morning Scorpioct25;
    I know this is tough to face but If it is, for Him, you know there seem to be treatments out there now that could slow His progression. I know they have been saying for years this doesnt “run in families.” Research and my own, and I am finding others on this site, are starting to point to something else. Love him enough to not be afraid. My Mom would have done the same for me, if she could have. 
  • Avatar
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