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  • choover22
    It all started with dizziness about 10 years ago.  I went to a Neurologist first to make sure I didn't have a brain tumor or aneurysm.  They did not see anything wrong with my blood vessels and no tumors.  So they then sent me to the hospital to get a vertigo test.  They ruled out that it was an inner ear thing.  It was such a chronic issue it was hard to work.  So they sent me to a dizziness clinic.  They did a bunch of testing of my eyes, my ears, my heart, balance, etc., and said it was from a migraine disorder (which I didn't have headaches very often but had dizziness everyday).  They put me on Amytriptoline and told me that these symptoms should go away within a year.  It has now been 10 years and I am still dealing with dizziness.  Anytime I try to go off the medicine I realize how bad my dizziness really was. 

    After that I had an emergency appendectomy.  When they did the CAT scan they noticed a lesion on my liver.  We have been keeping an eye on it but it hasn't seemed to get worse.

    Then I started having trouble with my digestive track.  It was like my digestive track would stop working from time to time.  I would go weeks without an BM and have been in a lot of pain.  They did a colonoscopy and other blood test and in the end deteremined it was IBS.  I changed my diet but I still have constant issues with my digestive track.  

    Suddenly I have issues with a boat load of allergies, even though I have never had trouble int he past.  They issues come and go and seem to change over the years.  

    I then started having leg pain.  My legs and heals ache all of the time.  My legs feel so weak and it is hard for me to stand or walk for long periods of time.  My foot would get really hot and would burn and then go numb from time to time. I have been doing physical therepy on my legs and my physical therapist is surprised how much pain I am in when he barely pushes on my legs.  

    I started having trouble with my eyes burning or constantly watering for the past year.  I stopped wearing makeup b/c my eyes bugged me so much.  

    My worst symptom that has been very consistant is how tired and weak I feel all of the time.  I have zero energy which is frustrating b/c I used to be a gymnast and bounce off the walls.  

    My doctor has run a number of blood tests.  My CRP is high, my white blood count and platlets are always high, and my ANA is consistantly positive.  

    I am so uncomfortable and have felt this way for a decade now.  I am 37 and should not feel this way.  Inflammation plagues me.  It seems like my symptoms match a lot of autoimmune diseases but SLE Lupus and MS are pretty big matches for a lot of my symptoms.  

    There is only one Rhumatologist in my area and they do not have very good reviews.  When I saw him he ran a few tests and told me I just had fibromyolgia.  Though I was told by another doctor that they just give that diagnosis when they can't figure out what is wrong with you.  

    What tests would you suggest I get done to rule out MS and Lupus.  

    Is there a place that you would suggest I go in Northern Indiana?  

    My mother has autoimmune hepititis, my cousin has psoriatic arthritis, my grandfather had Meniers disease and RA and my grandma had RA.   
  • maria1
    choover, Have you been to a nutritionist? or are you familiar with ayurvedic medicine? Besides that, what are you doing for your allergies? Allergies are exhausting, the only way I got any relief was to get shots in both my arms once a week, until the doc closed the local office, now i live on benadryl or a generic. I hope you are treating the allergies, I have read that Meniers may be caused by allergies. Allergies can also make one dizzy among other things.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid can help with some of the fatigue by eliminating the free radicals.

    An mri of the brain and spine, with and without contrast may tell you it is not ms.

    A doctor that also uses holistic medicine is very useful too.
  • MS_Navigators

    Hi choover22,

    Thank you for posting!  You can read more about how MS is diagnosed here: 

    Diagnosing MS

    You can also look for a neurologist that has MS experience near you, at this link:

    Find Doctors and Resources Tool

    A neurologist is the type of doctor that diagnoses and treats MS.  Essentially, MS is diagnosed using testing such as MRI, spinal fluid analysis, sometimes nerve conduction tests called evoked potentials, as well as examining symptoms and your medical history- all while ruling other things out.

    Please call us if you'd like more information, 1 800 344 4867

    Jessica, MS Navigator