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  • brittanydawn79
    Hello, I'm new to this discussion group and have not had a diagnosis of MS (although I am in the process of getting tested). I hope this post doesn't offend anyone currently diagnosed with MS.

    I never realized how many things I've been ignoring that my body was doing until recently. A little over a week ago I was sitting in my car about to drive away from a restaurant when my hand and forearm muscles suddenly contracted and twisted into an odd position for almost 20 minutes. I could barely move my fingers and it felt like rubber bands were tightly holding them in place. I've had cramps in my toes before but this was very different and didn't hurt. Two days later I woke up and the left side of my face was tingling. This lasted for 5 hours that day. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor because this didn't seem normal. He was very concerned and stated that he thought my symptoms sound like MS or at least something neurological. He referred me to a neurologist but ordered a brain MRI in the meantime. When I got home I started looking up MS symptoms and it started hitting me that I've had many of the symptoms for the span of 9 years but had been ignoring them. 9 years ago I went to the emergency room for extreme pain throughout my chest. It felt like crushing pain everywhere in my ribcage and the doctor just told me I was too young to have gallbladder issues and sent me home with Tylenol. I've had episodes ever since and when I read about the MS Hug, it clicked. I've also had tingling in my hands and feet, vertigo, muscle weakness/pain and occasional tremors, and brain fog.

    The radiologist/nurse that performed the MRI made a few comments that my symptoms sounded like MS as well. The brain MRI came back clear, and I was extremely relieved. Although I have to admit that I had fully expected to hear that it was MS with the crushing chest pain and other symptoms. The next step is my neurologist appointment and I'm sure there will be more testing to see if we can figure out what's going on. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • maria1
    An mri with and without contrast is usually done, and not all mris are equal, some are old machines that hospitals are still paying for, so unless it is a new machine some things are not what they seem.

    the Navigators posted a link on the "Insight needed,,,," post for  the criteria for diagnosing ms.