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  • DR2018
    I went to the eye doc today. I have optic disc edema. When I started to type this, I remembered that eye problems also occur in type 2 diabetes. However, I have been told my blood sugar numbers are too low. My A1C is down once again. Yay! My blood sugar rarely gets above 180. It actually hovers between 140 and 180 after a meal. 
      Anyways, it's in my left eye. The side of my body I have been having trouble with. Now I kinda understand why my left eye goes numb, blurry, achy, feels like it's going to pop out of its socket, tears, dries up, twitches. You know, all that good stuff! 
    The eye doc says the twitching is from my eyes getting tired. They ache because they are tired. The right eyelid was just going bonkers during the exam. He did say I need to let my neuro know. Called it in. 
    I knew he was going to find something. Yesterday I lost my balance several times. I caught myself. Thank goodness! The muscles behind and around my left knee were acting up. 
    The docs say it is, it isn't, it's on the table. 
    I go back and forth between diabetes and ms.  Frustrating. 

    Does anyone else have eye issues?
  • maria1
    DR2018, Optic neuritis is what got my diagnosis, it is strange to be colorblind in one eye. Then there is what someone here coined as spoon eye, where it feels like someone is digging a spoon behind the eyeball. And the black floaters, or the blurriness or the aching. I now have the aches with both eyes instead of one. I also had cataract surgery and laser surgery and wear  trifocals that barely work at any distance. Reading is now a chore instead of a pleasure and when I look out the window I cant tell if it is an animal or a bush, or a bushy animal, giggle. But it is better than it was so for that I am grateful. And I can still see my partners face all the time.