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  • stevereno17
    She has a history of serious depression, but over the past few years, the up and down emotions along with the paranoia, is becoming untenable. She thinks she knows what I'm thinking and the intentions behind everyday actions are (to her) a personal attack (like my doing the dishes). Her MS was confirmed 2 years ago and things go from almost normal to unbelievable and in short order. Does anyone have some related MS insight?
  • maria1
    Hello Stevereno17, My first choice is to read about the side effects of every medication she is on and/or discuss them with your pharmacist, not the doctor, the druggist is versed about the drugs their side effects and their interactions with other drugs.

    My second choice is to remember, ;mother please, I would rather do it myself. My partner wanted to do for me, the things I was able to do for myself, and I saw it as a threat to my autonomy and independence, Ask if she wants assistance dont assume you must do it for her. Your intentions are well meaning but demeaning and will most assuredly destroy the relationship of partners. Would you like assistance, let her choose, do not make decisions for her.

    We have a friend who is becoming less able rapidly, my partner wants to do more for him, my response is let him choose.

    I would rather fall trying to walk than have someone carry me, and when i fall, I would like to get up on my own, and if I can not, THEN ask for assistance.

    The romance in a relationship is more important than clean dishes, please keep wooing your partner not enabling her to become dependent upon you, she is not crippled just in some instances less able, she is not a baby.

    Also. for some reason, not everything goes into our memory, spoken words are not saved in real time right now. More often than not I say, I dont remember. Deja vu and Jamais vu are both issues for us. The Nike ad says, 'just do it' , I wrote on a shirt, I did it but I dont remember doing it! My partner and I often fought about things that I knew I knew, and I was wrong again, I had lost all awareness of reality and would bet back rubs that I was right, It took me owing a hundred forty five back rubs before I realized how out of touch with reality I was. Was it ms? Was it the drugs? Was it ms and the drugs? Maybe all of the above at different times. I remember trying to hold on to reality and watching it slip away, until the brain began to heal itself.

    So you have three scenarios to choose from as a guide, ms is strange and so are the drugs to treat it.

    You are welcome to 'hash it out' with us or speak with a navigator at the national ms society, but please check the interaction of her drugs first, because it may not be ms, just a bad drug coctail. 
  • MS_Navigators

    This is Steve with the National MS Society. 

    I wanted to provide you the following link which will take you to information about some of the emotional changes that can be associated with MS:

    I hope this is helpful.  If you need additional information, or would like to discuss the situation with one of our MS Navigators, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-344-4867 (M-F 9am - 7pm ET.  

    Take care,