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  • jcaceres98
    Hi so my story is kind of long I just need some opinions on some symptoms I had since around 2 years ago, and people here have a lot of knowledge about MS, I am a 21 year old Male. So it started when I was 19. I started feeling this tingling on my feet so I started searching for possible causes on the internet (probably bad idea) so I thought I had MS because the first symptom is usually tingling. Ok so I went to a neurologist who ordered a brain MRI and a EEG. The doctor was pretty good and the first thing he suspected was actually MS but both of my test came back fine, no scars on my brain and normal EEG. So I continued my life thinking it was just anxiety or stress. Months later I started having some aches on my hands so I went to another doctor who ordered a hand MRI, XRAY, some blood tests and a EMG of my hand and basically found nothing wrong. I kind of ignored the tingling on my feet at the time so I don't remember having it so often. So went to two doctors and all the tests came fine. After all the tests I just went on with my life. The next year I started having twitching on my legs, arms and hands, the twitching was kind of random but it scared me to death because it thought I had ALS. I never checked this with a doctor because twitching in ALS comes with weakness and I never had this symptom. So now I have no idea what's wrong with me because I have tingling feet, its probably a bit worse than before, some occasional twitching and I am having some tingling on my face that appeared around 2 months ago, I have a terrible posture so that's probably the cause of the tingling on my face but I still don't have no idea on the cause of the other symptoms. So I just wanted to share my story and read what you guys think of my symptoms. Could it be MS or something else?
  • maria1
    Hijcaceres98, While the symptoms sound like ms it could be other things too. If you are comfortable with the neuro you may want to schedule a follow up appointment with these other symptoms, or try another neuro and ask for an mri of the spine and brain both with and without contrast. Pinched nerves could be a possibility.and herniated discs maybe or a million other things. Just dont give up looking for relief, some ailments take years to diagnose, annoying as it seems, remember, the body is complex still the final frontier in many ways.
  • jcaceres98
    Hi. Thank you so much for your comment. Do you think there is a chance that I have MS even with a clean MRI?. I have a terrible posture so I will tell the neuro to check my spine for any problems.
  • dkw
    Morning Jc;
    I would suggest, until you are in the room with the person who Can diagnose, that you keep a journal. Write down everything. Even the things no one around you seems to understand right now. Even how you feel, emotionally, if you can. It helps. 
    Best to you. Keep us informed:)
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi jcaceres98,

    Welcome!  While none of us are qualified to give you medical advice or suggest a diagnosis, I do agree with the previous members who mentioned keeping a journal of your symptoms and following up with your neurologist.  If you're interested in seeing a neurologist with MS experience, you can find them here:
    Find Doctors and Resources

    Many of the common symptoms of MS can also be similar to symptoms caused by many other conditions, so truly until you've exhausted the diagnostics of MS, and other conditions, there's just no guessing what could be going on.  I hope you get some answers soon!

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • hstully
    Your neurologist should order a spinal tap (lumbar puncture).