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  • echobird
    Ok so the guy that I'm buying my house from thought that I have epilepsy and I'm not sure. My nephew thinks it's not because it only affects one side of my body but I'm beginning to believe it might be. It's also affected the left side of my face. As well as the left side of my body. Now I spoke to a lady last night and she said that some of the kids she helps with have epilepsy and one of them is only affected on one side. Is this possible? The reason why I'm questioning it along with my nephew is that it usually acures after I'm trying to exercise and what I mean is just doing some simple leg lifts and trying to walk around. But also when I go out for car rides. Now these episodes can be mild where I don't notice them but others will to full on spazzing to the point of falling out of bed or out of my scooter. I can go a few days without any major issues then all of a sudden they will hit several days in a row and they will last up to 5 to 6 hours at times. Also the last major one it was coming in waves like and this isn't the first time. I try to cook when I'm feeling really good witch is like maybe once in a blue moon but the last time I tried cooking I had it hit and it was pretty bad hit my head on the counter top and sink edge I was on the floor for a good while had burned the skillet I was using and knocked the heater upside down and that one was hard wired to stay on. Really stupid on my part but didn't have the money to order a new one at the time. I live paycheck to paycheck.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi echobird,

    I'd suggest keeping a journal of your symptoms, and discussing with your medical team.  I hope you find some answers soon!

    Jess, MS Navigator