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  • kjoye8

    A year and a half ago my left went numb to middle thigh.  It went away completely within 2 months with no intervention .  Shortly after this numbness was gone I had 2 episodes of vertigo.  For the past 3 years I've had reoccurring simultaneous apthus ulcers and what feels like a yeast infection in the Genital area ( itching/ burning).  These occurrences are around every 4 months and always happen together.  They often happen after an event that taxes my body (twice after running full marathons and a couple times after long runs and several times on vacation after big hikes up to 20 miles) and they happen under work stress events.  I've been tested for heroes x3 with negative results.  

    this past November I received 4 immunizations over 2 weeks ( 3 at once) and within a week I was numb in both legs to above my belly button.  Very numb.  Cold feet.  Pins and needles in feet , prickly.  But not painful .  ER trio sent me home ( I was worried about Guillian barre).  Followed up with rheumatologist and pcp.  I ended up at neurologist and he checked labs including copper and b-12.  All was fine.  He ordered mri of cervical and thoracic spine with contrast.  This showed a lesion 5x15 on my thoracic spine  at t 7-8. Suggested to look for delyelating disease and low grade glioma a. He then ordered labs of ama, NMO , ENA, a-b titre ..all okay.  Spinal tap ordered to include gram stain, igg synthesis rate, oligoclonal bands.  These are pending.  In SPinal tap the cell count showed high wbc.  But protein and glucose were normal .    Currently feel extremely numb above waist to feet . My legs and waist area feels constricted, tight, squeezed.  Feet still feel prickly and sometimes burn a little.  None of this is painful per se but uncomfortable and odd.  I am also low grade woozy.  I have been numb for 10 weeks.  Prior to this I was so healthy .  118 lbs, very fit, a runner , a hiker, love the outdoors and was not an idle person at all.  I can still run a little ( like a half mile at least , probably could go more but I don't.  It feels too weird) .  I do walk up to 5 miles a day.  One thing I notice is my butt/ Genital area gets soooo extra numb when I walk fast.  It goes away when I'm done ( the extra numbness , not all numbness).
    the only thing wrong with me before this was 20 years of Graves' disease , very well controlled with 5 mg methamazole.  

    Does this sound like ms?  

  • kjoye8
    Forgot to add that I realize that the mouth sore/ genital issue may not be related.  But these did happen at the same time I started  to go numb after the vaccinations.  Also, I have no weakness, no incontinence. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi kjoye8,

    I'm not able to say if this sounds like MS, as I am not a medical provider, but I am glad to read that you've seen a few providers and they are running tests with you.  I hope you'll get some definitive answers soon. 
    This is a link for more information on how MS is diagnosed. There is also information about common MS symptoms here, although symptoms are variable, and MS cannot be diagnosed based on symptoms alone.
    Thanks for posting and please keep us updated on how you are doing.
  • maria1
    has lupus been ruled out?
  • kjoye8
    Yes, lupus is ruled out