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  • Misti2020
    I have been having tingling and numbness in my back for awhile. It finally started traveling down my legs. Now I am having a unsteady gate. Walking takes a lot out of me. It was slow changes at first and now it is more noticeable. I have been asked what is wrong several times. I hate to even respond because I get comments like "oh that is out of the blue" or "it's to fast of issues to be ms you are making it up" or most people don't have walking issues till later on. Well I guess I am a lucky one. I have had issues and symptoms for years but I hide them well. Now that it is something I can no longer hide, no one believes me. My husband and family do. But people outside of that are just like nope. The thing I am having a hard time walking with is at times my gait is very random. It's like I am telling my body to walk normal and it is just doing what it wants. It's like when your foot is extremely asleep and you "move" your toes. You think you are moving them yet they don't actually move. That is how my right leg is. I lost all feeling in the toes and get the extremely sharp pains and almost like a elterical shock. I did by a arm crutch (well 2) and I will use just one to steady me around the house. I am a busy homeschool mom and Childerns church CE director. So I stay busy all the time. Any tips or tricks of the trade will be appreciated. I was just dx on my birthday of all days in late January. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello Misti2020,

    We have some general information about walking difficulties and management strategies on our website. I included a couple of links below that I hope are helpful.
    Walking (Gait) Difficulties

    Gait or Walking Problems: The Basic Facts

    MS Navigator Stephanie 
  • maria1
    Staying busy all the time can not give the muscles time to rest and repair. Our bodies respond differently than they use to and we need to adapt to the new us. Constant muscle tension is a definite way to annoy muscles and nerves. Especially if we are constantly keeping the muscles tense. It is possible to relax the muscles even when walking. Check to see if you are relaxing your muscles or tensing them all the time.