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  • mac2013
    I get throbbing pain on the hand below fingers and above wrist which comes often.
    I've seen doctors and had x-rays, mri's, checked for arthritis and none see issues.
    I've tried cbd and even had steroids nothing works.
    Any one get pain like this and have anything that works for them?
  • maria1
    how much cbd are you taking daily, is the cbd full spectrum or man made? I take as much as 200 mg daily of hemp oil and it keeps the discomfort tolerable. Full spectrum or natural hemp oil has vitiamins and nutrients that man made hemp oil does not have, I expect the same for cbd though have no proof to back it up. Price will tell you, if you are taking a less expensive product try one that is a bit pricier to see if it helps. Massage also helps. Do you feel tight muscles just below the elbows? going all the way down to the finger tips?  

    There are also hemp and cbd topical creams that give temporary relief.

    Intrinsic Hemp Amazing Cream has the cream, forty bucks a jar.
    made with full spectrum cbd is what it says on the jay.

    Hemp Gummy Bears 1-8--310-8084

    I have no affiliation with either company but find them both useful. hope this helps.