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  • MS_Ninja
    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago this October, and knock on wood, I've been pretty lucky with my symptoms. I've been on Tecfidera since then, with no new lesions on my MRIs. That's all until a week ago, when I began experiencing vision problems. It started as an inability to focus, but after a few days turned into double vision. I can't see well enough to drive, read, or watch TV. Typing this is difficult. I have an eye patch for watching TV, which helps, but is uncomfortable. I just finished my third round of high dose steroid infusion, and I'm not noticing much improvement. For anyone else who has experienced this symptom, what can I expect? I'm feeling down today with the thought that this might just be the way I see now, and that's very depressing. Did the steroids work for you? How long did recovery take? What else have you tried? I'm looking for hope. I love reading. I live in a place where if you can't drive, it's impossible to get around. The sunlight is also unbearable, so I can't even comfortably be outside or look out the window. I'm feeling lost and alone today, and I'm hoping someone out there can share their experience to show me that it will get better. This is my first overt symptom since my diagnosis, and I just don't know what to think.
  • echobird
    Well for myself I have had vision issues for several years off and on. I have had it come on suddenly and last for a few days to a couple weeks and eventually return to normal. I'm so sorry no one else has answered your post yet. It seems like more people are turning towards Facebook for MS forums unfortunately. But the good news is that so has the national MS society. So if you're up to it and have a Facebook account you can get more replies faster that way as well.

    And do you feel like maybe the heat might have caused this to happen or stress? Also maybe use a cool wet wash cloth across your eyes before it sets in.  

    And as far as myself I've had the grey fog double vision my left eyes always been the worst. When it first started for myself we'd be going to town and I couldn't see correctly and my eyes would hurt my left eye would go to the far left well the right one would be looking straight or to the right. I'd have to pull over to pray it would pass sooner rather than later. And I always had my old roommate with me back then but he didn't like driving much either but would.

    Best wishes. Bobby
  • MS_Ninja
    Thank you for the response. I work in education, and with COVID-19 and all of us working from home, I've been pretty confined to my house for months, so I don't think it was the heat that brought it on. It's quite possible that stress played a role. It has been a very stressful couple of months. I appreciate your suggestion about Facebook. Aside from family and close friends, my diagnosis isn't known to the greater world, so I'm trying to access supports that are more anonymous or private, but I will definitely take it into consideration. Are there any Facebook groups that you recommend in particular?
  • echobird
    Hi MS ninja it's Bobby again I wanted to let you know that the Facebook group post don't show up on your regular Facebook account. And if you're concerned about that issue what you can do is creat a second Facebook account just for to be able to get advice. But you don't post it on your actually Facebook page but on the MS groups page. They won't show it on regular Facebook only members of the group can see your post.