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Humera vs Tecfidera *

So I recently found out that I have a severe skin condition called HS. My immune system is attacking my skin. My healthcare option is Humera.... This can cause my MS to worsen. However, nothing is TRUELY known how this drug affects someone with MS and his/her medication. Is there anyone out there who has… Read More

Omega-3s and MS - Are fish oils helpful?*

I read a new study today that says eating fish and taking fish oil may reduce the risk, progression and symptons of MS. ("Omega-3 PUFAs have been shown to be neuroprotective during aging and suppress MS-related inflammation through multiple mechanisms in cell… Read More

Vaccinations & MS*

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? I recently read an article on this very topic in regards to MS and was wondering what the views were of the members of this site or if they even ever thought of it. To review the entire article: Click for article. Here's another link to firther information on vaccines and MS… Read More


Read an interesting article on donation of organs and *brain tissue (*for MS research) for MS patients after they have passed on. It also touches on blood donation as well. To read the article in full, Click here. Just wanted to hear others thoughts on all of this whatever they be.Hopelessness has surprised me… Read More

Pain Syndromes *

I recently read this article on types of MS pain that exist within the MS spectrum. To read the article, Click here. I am trying to educate myself on the types of pain I tend to feel at various times, as I am still learning about MS having just been officially diagnosed in late July 2017. This article clarifies… Read More

Shades of Pain*

I recently came across an interesting article where a daughter compared her MS experience to that of her mothers (the daughter is an MS nurse and her & her mother both have MS). I think the article is interesting as she discusses how in the past MS was treated and how it is being treated now and how very… Read More

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow*

Have been doing some reading lately on the effects of some MS medications that can in fact lead to hair thinning/ breakage. I was doing the research as while I still have a full head of hair, I do notice it is thinner & more prone to breakage since starting Tecfidera. If Tecfidera is working (haven't had a… Read More

Cannabiniod/CBD Cannabis Research

Has anyone with MS (any type) been using High CBD to help reverse myelin damage? I've been doing a lot of research on the medicinal uses of Cannabis and I've been stumbling on a lot of positive outcomes using Cannabis for; spasticity, pain, anxiety, depression and even reversing neurological damage. I am a… Read More

Nursing Student*

Hey Everyone, I do not have MS however my mother does and was dignosed when I was about 10. I am a nursing student and I am doing a paper on multiple sclerosis. I was wondering if some of you wouldnt mind telling me what age you were when you were dignosed and what are some of the symptoms you have. You don't… Read More


Hi,   Had my first infusion a week about Monday.  Fine for 2 days then down for the cournt.  Upper Respitory Infection.  Just sick and very tired.  I thought I was getting better but no such luck.  I am looking to see whether anyone has experienced this?  Is it normal?  Does it go away?  Please let me know if… Read More


I was reading an article this evening that I found interesting enough to post here, to read it: Click for Article. I was researching swallowing issues or dysphagia, as it's a symptom of MS I get on occasionally and it's one that I experienced this afternoon while eating a sandwich. I took a bite and tried to… Read More

Gilenya Improvements*

I was diagnosed with MS in janurary 2016 and have been taking gilenya since March 2017 I just got my second MRI and the doctor called and said that my lesions have gotten smaller and no more!!! Its imporant to keep your head up and have a great attitude towards life with a healthy diet and exserise because I… Read More


Please name your gender(M/F), age,city,country(you were born in or if you moved to another city before 12),family history(relationship to you), if you got diagnosed with MS? MS is thought to be prevalent more in females with F:M=3:1 and prevalent in countries further away from the equater and believed to have… Read More


We are headed to India in August for HSCT. I am so excited for my Husband. He has balance issues, drop foot, restless legs, nueropathy in his feet, fatigue, and ataxic gait. He just suffered a relapse. We are hoping this will stop his progression and keep him from going into a wheelchair. If you haven't heard… Read More

Brain donation *

I am looking into donating my brain for MS research after I die, and although I'm young and not anticipating death anytime soon, I want to get the paperwork out of the way so that, in case of the unexpected, my wishes are followed. The NMSS has a list of research facilities that take donations. Have any of you… Read More