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AI - Speech Impediments Project*

Hello Everybody!I hope that is OK to post this here! :)We are currently helping on an interesting project related to Speech Impediments that will help to make Technology more accessible for everybody, (including people with MS), in this case we are pretty much-collecting speech data to fill AI systems and allow… Read More


I am a PhD and a patient with MS. As part of my research over the next 18 months part of my research aims to develop a psychological intervention that is tailored for the MS Community.  I am inviting you to partner with me in this endeavour.  To do this, I would first like to ask people living with MS about… Read More

Psychological support in MS *

I am a PhD student with MS and am conducting my research on the topic of psychological support in MS (something that as a patient myself I feel is lacking!).  I'm interested in knowing...  What has been your experience of psychological support in MS? What kind of psychological support would you like for… Read More

COVID-19 & Ms *

Click for videoClick above for an interesting video on the Coronavirus as well as it's as risk factor for those with Ms. I was interested to hear others opinions on this. I'm currently on Tecfidera which is an immunosuppressent. For a well informed article on Coronavirus and Ms, Click here This article will… Read More

Cbd oil and ms?*

Does anyone take cbd oil for their symptoms? Any complications with mixing with DMD? Just got off cymbalta but my symptoms have been terrible especially at night again. I'm on ocrevus and LDN but need something for the chronic pain and sleep issues. thanks.. Read More


Hi guys, Just joined! My hubbie was disgnosed 2 yrs ago, he's on Glatop + gluten free diet. Not sure which one works better, but he's doing great so far. Apart from some fattigue, moods or being tired, I don't see much of a difference. He can still move as before, still swimming, hiking, doing all activities… Read More

anti-MOG *

So I was diagnosed with MS in january 2016, then when all my lesions went away i was diagnosed with ADEM in July 2018. After a recent relapse I was then diganosed with MOG, which is a really rare and new dease that doctors are just now figuring more about. I guess though this emotional roller coaster, I was… Read More

Research survey on MS*

I am a medical education researcher and am fielding a survey to individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) to understand their specific challenges as well as informational and educational needs. The purpose of the research is to develop a report/publication to inform supporters of patient education of the real… Read More

Lorenzos oil*

This movie is excellent   Starring Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon. It's about two parents dealing with the disease of their child.  If you want to see the movie stop reading now. I'll proceed to spoil it now...  The decease was a demyalination similar to MS although much more violent. But the parents found an… Read More

Just sharing in case this helps anyone *

My dad unfortunately passed from a heart attack about a month ago at the age of 71.   He had battled MS for the past 15 years of his life.  He had such a great attitude.  I miss him dearly.  Dad had secondary progressive MS. The reason for this post is that approximately 4 months ago, Dad had a UTI and when… Read More

MS Treatment Satisfaction Research

Hello everyone,I'm a student at the University of Florida conducting research on the treatment of neurological diseases. My team and I created a survey to better understand patients’ and caregivers’ experiences and satisfaction with treatment. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and can be previewed… Read More

The Unusual Seven*

I came across this article online, which can be found by Clicking Here. I pasted the info below. I believe I have had most of these symptoms myself in one way or another so I was curious who else has had these same symptoms occur in some form. I was only diagnosed in August of 2017 but many of my Ms symptoms I… Read More

Submariners with MS *

I spent 9 patrols on the SSBN617 FBM submarine. I'm wondering how many if any other fellow Submariners have been diagnosed with MS. Since lack of vitamin D has been linked in some way to MS. I'm not sure if anyone has ever researched this. Since we spent a lot of hours out of sunlight our vit. D levels were… Read More

Facial myokymia & Ms*

I every once in a while get twitching in my left eye as I did this evening. I've noticed it even more since being diagnosed with Ms in late July of last year. Today I came across an article about a man who's left eye twitching helped lead to his Ms diagnosis. I think the article is interesting and wanted to… Read More