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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome*

symptoms: debilitating exhaustion often accompanied by pain, muscle weakness, sleep problems, 'brain fog' and depression-overlap with those of other conditions.  Again, in The Economist, an article identifies sphingolipids are involved in intercellular communication and relate it to 'dauer' a state in a soil… Read More


I've now had my third stem cell infusion at Hadassah Hospital in Israel with Amazing Results! I had immediate benefits from the first two infusions, and now with the third. For years I have had my eye movements monitored… Read More

Gut Bacteria*

I just got an email, an nmss newsletter stating that there is a difference in the gut bacteria of persons with ms and those who do not have ms, and that it may have an influence in inflamation. Read More


An article in this weeks The Economist Magazine credits Evangelos Elftheriou at IBM's research laboratory in Zurich with building an artifical version of a neuron(for computers)."Neurons are the spindly, highly interconnected cells that do most of the heavy lifting in brains. ...Neurons are pattern-recognition… Read More


My name is Mary.  I’m a 77 year old woman who has been living with MS for 22 years.  I currently reside in a long term care facility.  Prior to this I was retired and living in a condo.  Before that I was employed with a company for 28 years. In late November, 2014, I was sitting in front my computer when I… Read More


You may qualify for our Multiple Sclerosis Studies! You will be compensated for your time and travel!  Please call us for additional Enrollment information!Address: 222 Rockaway Tpk, Suite #1               Cedarhurst, NY 11516 Contact: Zain Pirzada, Clinical Research Coordinator               1-516-239-1800… Read More


SOUTH SHORE LONG ISLANDMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) SUPPORT GROUP For patients, families and caregivers.Meeting the last Wednesday of every month 4-5pmFIRST MEETING MAY 25TH, 2016 4-5PM Cedarhurst, NY 222 Rockaway Turnpike, SUite 1This month's topic:  NUTRITION AND MULTIPLE SCLEROSISRSVP:516 239 1800 X136 - ask… Read More

Lesions lesions lesions.*

 I was diagnosed with RRMS in Sep of 2015, So i'm still learning the roaps, lingo, meds, does and donts, all that good stuff.  ​I've had 2 MRI's the first proving I in fact had MS although I was not knowledgful to what MS actually was at the time I was first informed of the news because it was not from a… Read More

Could I catch MS from my partner?*

I recently found out that the epstein barr virus is linked with MS, yet it's not clear online if this could be contracted through bodily fluids. I trust my partner but would have a clearer conscience if there was an answer out there. Can I catch MS through kissing or sex? Read More

Im Curious about Plexus with MS?*

FIRST. If you sell it, Im not buying lolNow, I have a dear friend that has become an advocate for Plexus and she has friends of friends/aquantances that have testemonies about how it has helped their MS and their relapses.I have yet to try it because of changing my medication from Aubagio to Gelynia I feel… Read More

Research *

If you go to, on the top right of the page is Research, click on clinical trials to see some of the interesting projects that are going on that you might want to be part of, also, surveys to see what questions researchers are focusing on about life with ms. The trials have so good ones going on about… Read More

Research survey on MS*

I am a medical education researcher and am fielding a survey to individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) to understand their specific challenges as well as informational and educational needs. The purpose of the research is to develop a report/publication to inform supporters of patient education of the real… Read More

Graphic Design Survey*

I NEED THE HELP of this great community! I have only 2 weeks left to gather more results.Hello, I am Andrew Fogle, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was eleven years old. I am currently a graduate student in the School of Visual Communication Design under the direction of Professor Ken… Read More