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We’re looking for feedback about the way we communicate research to you. Please click ‘reply’ to answer the following questions: How important is it to you to: Understand progress in research? Understand the most promising research on the horizon? Know exactly what projects the National MS Society is funding… Read More

Research is the Only Road to a Cure!

My name is Emilie and I suffer from MS. I've recently become extremely interested in research regarding advancements and treatments (and hopefully a cure!) for this disease. Although I am far from a scientist or researcher, I stumbled on an excellent and easy way to contribute to and be involved in advancements… Read More

Site test / word play

I am throwing up an assortment of words just to prove that what happened during one of my communiques was a total fluke. This is just asinine. Dickering, Charles Dickens, Benedick as opposed to Benedict. What other kinds of associations can we make here? Perhaps I need some assistance? Let us assemble Avengers.… Read More

Something on our Minds

Hello Everybody: It is here: 'It' being Volume 1 of Something on our Minds (created by the We Write for the Fight group here at MS Connection as a 100% benefit/fundraiser for the NMSS). The book that many of you added flesh and bones to? Yeah - that book. Just so… Read More

That's great and all......

but asking people to pay so much for the newest MS therapy medications is completely insane. I really want to 'try' some of these new ones but as far as I know, Medicare won't cover them for awhile. Why can't they base their prices on your income level? Some people are on Social Security, and there just isn't… Read More

Stem cell transplant and MS*

How long will a stem cell transplant halt MS and other autoimmune diseases? I had a SCT 17 months ago for cancer, but received the double blessing of an end to MS symptoms. I am now experiencing a few possible symptoms but not sure if they are truly a return of an MS relapse. Is there any information on this… Read More


I had two grand mal seizures back in September and was hospitalized and then spent 2 months in a rehab. facilit before 2 months of therapy at home. The seizure really knocked me for for  loop.  My neurologist has me on an anti-seizure medication.  He told me that seizure are not uncommon for people with MS… Read More

MS in the Family

Hello, I am a psychology student learning about brain and behavior and I was wondering if MS can be genetic. My dad was diagnosed in 2001 when I was in middle school. Despite a blood clot in his brain that caused permenant brain trama and almost killed him as a side effect to a MS medication that I understand… Read More