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  • scott3j
  • seclorum
    Saw it trumpeted several times across various Subreddits...

    It's promising work but it still needs more research and perfecting.

    24 Cohorts - Small sample size. Need much more data and experimentation.

    The breakdown of the effects of the treatment is roughly in thirds;

    1/3rd stabilized and didn't improve or get worse.

    1/3rd got better, disability began to reverse and they stayed better!

    1/3rd continued to decline.

    1 died.

    So they need to do more work about reducing the negative outcomes and reducing the possibillity of death. Because a 1/24th chance of dying is not that good imho.
  • scott3j
    I agree with what you've said and I do believe that there needs to be much more research done. But I am hopeful that this is going in the proper direction.
  • evamarsh
    Research we already have has proven that repair of damage to myelin is engaged with movement. Inflammation takes away broken bits of myelin, and delivers stem cells for repair. When repair is started, inflamations stops. I found this work after diagnosis in 1967, and have recovered from all symptoms. I am now 72 and preparing for a walking trip in the Shetland Islands. Over the past 50 years, I have found much exciting research that is ignored by the system, so I wrote a book - Black Patent Shoes Dancing With MS. Eva Marsh    
  • Avatar
    There was no mention of the cause of death. It could have been unrelated to the treatment, a heart attack for example, but because it happened during the trial and the absolute cause and all contributing factors were not identified it must be reported in the results. If the death was not caused by the treatment then the results were very good, one third improved and one third stabalised is a positve result for two thirds with tthe remaining third no worse off. The thing that is really criminal is that Jennifer Molsons treatment was 15 years ago and further trials have not been done and the treatment found to be either safe and effective or not and it either approved and available or not. Our drug evaluation and approval system needs drastic reform.
  • msjenna

    Yea, I always look at these articles with a skeptical eye. It seems like every month a new research team has cured MS! Ha! Don't get me wrong this is great news, but best to wait until more reseach is done. Either way it seems a cure looms near and it's a promising start!

  • tamnmark4ever
    My husband will be having this done in August in India. There are several Face book groups for facilities outside of the united states that do HSCT treatment. India, Mexico, Russia and Chicago all have facebook pages. join them and find out from people who have had it done and see what it has done for them. It's amazing.