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  • malialitman
    I've now had my third stem cell infusion at Hadassah Hospital in Israel with Amazing Results!

    I had immediate benefits from the first two infusions, and now with the third.

    For years I have had my eye movements monitored here in Dallas and as my MS has gotten worse, my eye movements have gotten worse.  Each time after the stem cell infusion, my eye movements got BETTER!  This is objective, verifiable, scientific proof of the validity of the stem cell treatment!
  • maria1
    mal, would you share how much this trip is costing you? what you have gone through, how are you paying for it, what made you decide to do this. How many infusion will you get. How long are you there, and will be there. Are you taking any drugs or are there any side effects of what you are going through. What made you choose Israel. thank you, maria