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  • lks1989
    I am looking into donating my brain for MS research after I die, and although I'm young and not anticipating death anytime soon, I want to get the paperwork out of the way so that, in case of the unexpected, my wishes are followed. The NMSS has a list of research facilities that take donations. Have any of you decided to donate? If so, how did you pick the facility? Any opinions on which is best? Thanks everybody. 
  • maria1
    I called the ms society. They gave me a referral. I said I wanted to donate my body, didnt think to separate my brain(haha). I have a contract with the Univ of Med and Dentistry of NJ. I carry a card in my wallet that has a phone number to call. I expect, because there is a seven digit phone number on the card, that the nearest teaching facility gets my body, instead of shipping me from Missouri to NJ. They get to cut me up for two years, then if my family chooses, (I suggested they dont), the school will return me to them, or if they dont want me the school will bury me somewhere. ( I think it a great idea the school bury me, saving my family at least ten grand to have fun with.) 

    ​For your consideration: My partner, not until this year(the contract was signed more than twenty years ago) has said that he is uncomfortable with them 'playing with my body', my comment to him is that it is not me, just a shell. Had he said something way back when I probably would have made the same decision, because my goal was to save someone else some misery.

    My cousin has a contract with a hospital in California to remove her brain. (I guess she wants her family to keep her body)
  • hscott72
    Nice to know that I'm not the only one who has thought about this. you are asking some of the questions i've been wondering about.