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  • tamnmark4ever
    We are headed to India in August for HSCT. I am so excited for my Husband. He has balance issues, drop foot, restless legs, nueropathy in his feet, fatigue, and ataxic gait. He just suffered a relapse. We are hoping this will stop his progression and keep him from going into a wheelchair. If you haven't heard about HSCT then you should look it up. 80% plus success rate of stopping  progression. Clinical trials goin on right now in Chicago at northwestern with Dr. Burt. If you don't meet the criteria you can choose to pay out of pocket out of country. Russia, Mexico, and India are a few countries that I looked into. We went with India. Don't get fooled by scammer stem cell facilities. Only HSCT has been shown to stop MS. Some places offer stem cell transplant but do not do chemotherapy with it. If they do not do chemo they it is not going to work. There are several facebook pages for HSCT. I am a member of the HSCT India, Russia, Mexico, and Chicago. They have lots of success stories from people who have had it done. There is risk but even the drugs for MS have risk. We're taking the plunge and giving it a shot. You only get one life and my husband wants a chance at being wheelchair free. If you want to know more about it join all the facebook pages for each facility where there is a wealth of information. God bless you all in your fight against this monster.
  • robertjon
    Thank you for the info. Please keep us updated, it does sound exciting! Wishing you well, Blessings, Jon
  • tamnmark4ever
    I will continue to post his story as we reach milestones so that everyone can read what is going on with him
  • symbae1080
    Hello, tamnmark4ever. I am inspired by your story and would like more information so I can look into reciving this cure myself. Thanks and Please.
  • tamnmark4ever
    The best way to find out more about this is to join all the facebook pages. I am a meber of HSCT India, HSCT mexico, HSCT Russia, and Chicago HSCT. And of course google it. Chicago is doin clinical trials but you have to meet very specific criteria to get in. My husband applied to India and was accepted within a week. India costs $30,000. Russia and Mexico cost $50,000. Chicago is $125,000 but they might get your insurance to cover it. Chicago is the hardest to get into.
  • mjfreckle
    Hope all is going well and your husband has wonderful results! Please keep us all updated!
  • sspears22
    Please let us know how everything goes! Best wishes and God Bless to the both of you.