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  • nookster
    Anyone know of any great treatment centers in the VA area..or anyone been to any treatment centers.
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello nookster,

    The Partners in MS Care program recognizes and supports quality MS care. The program involves health care professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation, as well as sites that provide multi-disciplinary, comprehensive MS care. Health care professionals recognized as Partners in MS Care demonstrate knowledge and experience in MS care, have a special interest in treating people living with multiple sclerosis and work closely with the National MS Society.

    A Partner in MS Care designated as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care has additionally shown the ability to offer a multi-disciplinary model of care to address the often complex needs of many people with MS. They offer access to a full array of medical, psycho-social and rehabilitation services delivered in a coordinated fashion where providers share common goals for patient outcomes.

    To find a Partner in MS Care, or a Center for Comprehensive MS Care, please use this link.

    I hope this is helpful,
    MS Navigator Stephanie
  • spiders1
    I have had ms since 1998. With the same doctor all this time and then I called Cleveland Clinic while still seeing my original Doctor.  Although Cleveland has not helped me yet they are really trying. And it's funny that since I have been going there now my original doc is ordering all different tests. I have never been treated better than at Cleveland Clinic. I live in Michigan so it's not a stones throw away but well worth the trip. In fact I was recently there for an operation and can't praise them enough. lol I tell everyone that if you have a ingrown toe nail or a greying hair they have a department for it.  My word of advice is if your not getting results from your doctor then try another