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  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I recently came across an interesting article where a daughter compared her MS experience to that of her mothers (the daughter is an MS nurse and her & her mother both have MS). I think the article is interesting as she discusses how in the past MS was treated and how it is being treated now and how very different the experience is now when someone is diagnosed. I was diagnosed late last summer so I never experienced what her mother experienced but certainly there wasn't much taken seriously in regards to MS back in her moms day. The article also discusses the types of MS pain and how in the past MS pain was hardly awknowledged at all. I myself get the numbness mixed with pain that the daughter experiences, in fact as I type this my legs have this radiating numb/painful feeling that's so hard to describe to someone unless they have MS. I also get and have at the moment, a fatigued numbness & pain sensation in my arms & hands. Here's a link to the article to read it if you'd all like Click for article.
    I also wanted to add an link to another article particularly dealing with leg pain in MS patients Click for article.
  • MS_Navigators
    Thank you for sharing!
  • capitolcarol
    Thanks for the article.  Very interesting and I am really familiar with the numbness and pain at the same time in my legs.