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  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? I recently read an article on this very topic in regards to MS and was wondering what the views were of the members of this site or if they even ever thought of it. To review the entire article: Click for article. Here's another link to firther information on vaccines and MS, to view it: Click here for more Info . As stated in the first article: As MS is regarded as an autoimmune disease, it is possible for immunisations to trigger relapses. However, there is little evidence that vaccinations do in fact exacerbate MS, and several comprehensive reviews have found no association with increased risk of relapse. Before making any decisions regarding vaccinations, please talk to your healthcare team, who will be able to advise according to your personal situation. I myself take Tecfidera and started taking it in August of last year, I haven't had any vaccinations since. I know Tecfidera can lower the white blood cell count and compromise the immune system which could cause for example, if I receive a flu shot I could get the flu. Wanted others views on this topic.
  • gabrielle519

    Thanks for that great information. I have had the flu shot but only because its required where I work. I have never had any issues related to it. I had other immunizations but I think they were before I was diagnosed so I was lucky of course who knows I could have had it and had a minor relaspe. Anyway I would talk to you neurologist if your really concerned. Maybe they  could have steroids on hand for an emergency. Thanks again. Gabrielle
  • shiloh
    My doc told me I can get any vaccination that does NOT contain a live virus!!!
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Yeah I know for sure the second article link I posted talks about the 'live' virus issue.
  • capitolcarol
    I've been on Tysabri for three years and have not received any vaccinations since.  
  • AnyBeth
    You can get vaccines while taking Tysabri.

    About ten years ago, I was part of the Tysabri Vaccine Study. From that, we know Tysabri essentially makes no difference in how vaccines affect MSers. Any vaccine you could get if you weren't on Tysabri, you can get if you are on it. The vaccine will work as well and it won't do you worse.

    Live-virus vaccines are more risky for people with auto-immune disorders (though not as risky as whatever illness), so those weren't in the study. As with any MSer, talk to your doctor before getting any live-virus vaccine.