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  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Read an interesting article on donation of organs and *brain tissue (*for MS research) for MS patients after they have passed on. It also touches on blood donation as well. To read the article in full, Click here. Just wanted to hear others thoughts on all of this whatever they be.

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  • maria1
    More than twenty years ago I signed myself away to research for when I die. I heard the other day that it costs more than eight grand to bury someone. After they finish with me, for two years, my heirs can either bury me or leave me where I am and whomever will bury me. That is a good way to save a bundle. 

    If it werent for all those before us who have been willing to be tested for whatever, we would have no breakthroughs in modern science, lobotomies would still be the norm...

    How come, anywhere, you seldom give your opinion about what you have read, interesting is not an opinion. We seldom hear what you are thinking.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I may or may not give my opinion intially. Sometimes I need to hear others thoughts to help hone my own. As for my opinion on organ donation, whether someone has MS or not, I don't believe it should matter. I think MS shouldn't be a reason to deny someone the opportunity to donate a possibly life saving organ to someone. As for brain tissue donation for MS research, I believe it is crucial if we are to make any progress.
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  • Avatar
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  • capitolcarol
    I had heard that they will accept donation of our organs, but not blood or bone marrow.  They don't want our blood because of the MS drugs that we are taking.