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  • msbarr

    I read a new study today that says eating fish and taking fish oil may reduce the risk, progression and symptons of MS. (

    "Omega-3 PUFAs have been shown to be neuroprotective during aging and suppress MS-related inflammation through multiple mechanisms in cell cultures and animal models. This provides at least two biologically plausible mechanisms whereby higher omega-3 PUFA intake and biosynthesis could protect against development of MS."

    - Dr. Annette Langer-Gould

    Does anyone take fish oil and have you noticed any effects? 

  • barbarablack

    I have heard of fish and omega-3s helping protect nerves, heart and brain. My doctor recommended eating fatty fish 2 times per week or fish oil pills if that wasn't reasonable. 


    He also suggested taking a test to find out what my actual levels were instead of guessing. It was easy and nice to know instead of just hoping the "snake" oil was working.

  • MS_Navigators

    Here's the information we have about fish oil/Omega 3s and MS:  Omega-3

    MS Navigator Jess