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  • luizglobalme

    Hello Everybody!

    I hope that is OK to post this here! :)

    We are currently helping on an interesting project related to Speech Impediments that will help to make Technology more accessible for everybody, (including people with MS), in this case we are pretty much-collecting speech data to fill AI systems and allow them to provide support to folks that may have a kind of Speech Impediment, in other words, help them understand people with some kind of special need.

    Here all the info and how to participate:

    The participation is remote, and we offer compensation for your time of $15.

    Thank you for the support!

  • maria1
    So, your profile is not available and you do not introduce yourself, why should be trust what you say???
    WHo are you?
  • luizglobalme
    Hello Maria,
    I apologize for that, let me present myself, My name is Luiz, I work as a researcher and recruiter for Globalme (More info:, I am also a therapist myself, working with kids that have some sort of speech or language impediments. Let me know if you have any questions about this project! :)
    Best Regards,