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Possible / New Diagnosis

What was your age when diagnosed?

At 65 I was diagnosed with MS.  After having the same vision issue 20 years after the first occurance I was sent for an MRI.  Hey, I thought it could be a brain tumor.  My physician sent me for an MRI on the recommendation of my opthamologist.  Came back to my physician and she told me that she felt I had MS… Read More

Possible MS - Don't know what to do*

In January 2013 I began having deep burning nerve pain on the top and inside of my thighs. Tight pants or cold wind would make the burning worse and especially at night or in the mornings. I have also had muscle twitching all over but mainly in my legs, and arms. Brain fog will come and go.In 2013 I had clean… Read More

Newly Diagnosed with MS *

I'm 65 yrs old and had my first brain MRI last week. My Neurologist had already diagnosed me with MS since my small fiber biopsy was negative. It showed one dark lesion and multiple White matter lesions. I've had vertigo since 1992 following a car accident. At that time I developed double vision and daily… Read More

Possible MS - what to do before*

Background: In March of 2019, I started experiencing vertigo, I could no longer walk normally, and my spine started going numb in places. In the summer, I applied for disability, and they told me I might have MS. I was homeless at the time, so I couldn't get a lawyer in time to appeal my disability denial. Fast… Read More

Needing guidance *

Hello everyone! I am new to this support group. I am really looking for some advice or any kind of guidance. I'm feeling pretty lost right now and not sure which way to go or what to do. I guess I'll start from the beginning and im sorry this will be a pretty long post. But i feel like i must include everything… Read More

Active Brain Lesions *

Good morning, I have extreme muscle weakness and gait problems. Active lesion on the brain. I passed Evoked potential and spinal tap. SSEP failed. Has anyone had these kind of test results and still diagnosed or not diagnosed with MS? I've had symptoms for about 15 years. Dr. Said even with negative spinal… Read More

Late onset MS possible*

I'm going to be 57 on the 8th. On the 7th I will have my 2nd brain MRI. This one with contrast. My first MRI from last week showed a lesion with demyelination. I am also in the middle of some heart tests and need a heart cath next. A few years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. To top that off I have… Read More


Hello, All! I was recently diagnosed with MS after two pretty bad flares that were about 3 1/2 years apart.  I just met with my new specialist yesterday & will soon be starting on Plegridy.  I was hoping to learn from others that are currently taking (or have taken) this medication.  Any advice or things I… Read More

Terrified 35 year old*

Hi all I am 35 children yet ..a partner always been fit and healthy and just been diagnosed.  IAM TERRIFIED I want children.. I want to keep going to the gym and running .. And Im terrified my partner will leave me I first noticed the day after coming back from a Christmas holiday few weeks ago. My… Read More

Really confused...Need help!*

Hi. My story is I am a active 45 year old wife  mom and gma. I have been struggling with fatigue and pain sine 2017 when I had a benign tumor removed from abdomen that healed but subsequently gave me aggressive scar tissue which led to hyster which led to severe wound infection which led to cellulitis and… Read More


After trying to find out what was going on with me on and off for three years a neurologist diagnosed me with RRMS April 29, 2019.  I asked the neuro for information and he referred me to several website.  I think this is kind of funny since many doctors willl tell you to stay away from medical websites.  So… Read More

Newly diagnosed 1/10/20*

after battling breast cancer in 2018 & taking Tamoxifen. I was diagnosed on the 10th. My symptom started w extremely bad headaches during the summer of 19. Now it’s RRMS. I was wondering if there’s any one else similar to me?? I Read More

new Diagnosis and a New relationship*

Hello everyone. I’m new here. I’ve read some threads similar to my current dilemma but wanted to throw out my story if anyone else is feeling lost like me or has any advice. I had, what turned out to be my second episode/flare up, only a month after dating this guy. Over two more months of dating, I got all… Read More

Brain mri and can this be MS?*

I see neurologist end of January. This test was actually ordered by dentist due to me having been discussing years of face pain, felt like teeth traveling up by eye and side of nose  ( it's not I have had several dentusts and endontists check me, never find any dental issue). I then was telling her how I get… Read More

not sure how to take next steps*

Hello everybody, I hope you are all feeling well today. I've never really posted on a forum like this, so I guess I will just try to go right into it. I'm not diagnosed with MS but my mom has it and her father also had MS. For about as long as I can remember into my childhood, sometimes I will have periods… Read More

good doctors in San Diego *

Hi everyone. I'm wondering who your favorite neurologists are in San Diego. Or perhaps "favorite" and "neurologists" shouldn't be in the same sentence? In any event, I look forward to hearing  your recommendations. Thanks in advance. Read More

Any chance this is MS? *

Sorry for the long story, but here goes! About 2 years ago, just after Christmas holidays, I started noticing it seemed like I was forgetting a word here or there...mostly names of acquaintances, occasionally objects. And it just seemed like I was having a really hard time concentrating...both reading dense… Read More


I am currently seeking a diagnosis and treatment for strange symptoms that I have been having off and on for about 5 years.  These symptoms were initially limited to numbness and tingling in extremities and extreme fatigue, but over the last year have developed into a longer laundry list to include sharp needle… Read More