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  • mdu0003
    Hi there! I am 22 years and I am currently possibly being diagnosed with MS. When I was 16, I began with sudden numbness in my legs which would last for a few hours and I would not be able to walk. I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Occulta (very mild and normally does not cause issues)  at 9 years old so doctors related this symptom to my Spina Bifida. Three months ago, I began showing new symptoms. My leg numbness spread to my arms and soon my face. My arm was completely curled and I was losing my ability to speak. I was also having dizziness and blurred eye sight. My mom took me to the hospital because she thought I was experiemcing a stroke. The ER doctor discussed possible MS and had a Neurologist see me. The Neurologist said that I had a muscle cramp and carpal tunnel. I knew that this could not be right so I saw my family doctor. She agreed that it could possibly be MS and referred me ro a neurologist. Sadly, I was accidentally sent to the same Neurologist and I was told the same thing again. My family doctor has referrred me to one of the best MS doctors in the state, but it feels like the waiting is never going to end. My symptoms are now reoccurring almost on a daily basis. I have loss my speech completely at times, I experience the arm curling, and my leg numbness is now almost occurring daily and my foot will drop and I will have use a walker to get around. I am on here because I want to possibly connect with people who know what I am going through. I may not have MS and I hope I don't, but I would love to have support and connect with people while I am waiting for a diagnosis. This also especially hard because I am a new teacher for young children and I will be married in two weeks. I am just hoping I can learn how to adapt and make this as normal as possible. So overall for people who do have MS are these symptoms that you have experienced? Do you think in fact that this could be MS or could it possibly be something else?
  • maria1
    mdu, so you got a lotta new stuff goin on, lotsa changes for the head to wrap around. Maybe you got ms too, a better md will have to answer that question, here we just guess and are full of conjecture. If it is ms it will subside, do your best to keep cool, drink plenty of water, deep breathing and relax your muscles as best you can. Most of the time we let our imagination make things worse. Imagine you feeling better, imagine your muscles relaxing, imagine your mind peaceful. Whatever the news is, you will hear it later, you dont have to make up stories about what it might be. Feeling good is a state of mind as much or more than a state of body. You do deserve to be happy. 

    Let yourself be happy, bring happiness into the world, make those around you feel good, focus on them and your body will relax. 

    What is normal??? Maybe it is relaxing no matter how unnormal things seem. Perhaps it is not being able to control what is happening around us but to feel as comfortable as possible in spite of everything. Or it could just be not being afraid of different, every day is different we just let ourselves think it is the same. 

    What we let our mind do is what we know you are going through, think about what you want your mind to do, think about telling your mind to feel better.
  • jillanne25
    I have kind of a side-note question for you.  I'm not the best at this website, so I hope we are able to re-connect.  I was diagnosed at the age of about 37 (or somewhere around there), but because of your age, I would be curious to know if you ever had Mono before?  There is a reason behind my strange question, but my daughter is your age and we thought she had MS as well because of the symptoms (much like your symptoms and the sympotoms of MS).  We ended up spending 3 months at Mayo Clinic and found out SO much informaiton.  
  • my2rigglets
    My daughter had mono over Christmas break and has just gone through extensive MRIs to see if she has MS.  Everything is coming back normal.  Her balance and gait are way off and we are still searching for answers. Am so curious what you found out at Mayo Clinic as I have heard things about immune system attacking body and that mono can bring it on. Hope your daughter is doing well!
  • Tyndyrn4
    A few years back, all of us sudden I was having problems speaking, forming my words correctly, and also my right hand was having issues trying to write even the simplest things.  I recognized that it was a flareup of my MS, and had to slow down when speaking, making sure I formulated my words properly. I also had to practice printing a lot, and even writing with my left hand.   Eventually I managed to overcome my speech problem, but I am still having problems writing with my right hand. 
        I still have drop in my right leg, but I am working on that with physical therapist. And I know this will sound weird, but I drink deal pickle juice to deal with my cramps in my legs.   That is something I picked up from a friend of my husband, who is a sports coach, and he got it from one of his players. Apparently the word is going around about dill pickle juice, and more people are using it. 
        I used to be able to get around with just a cane, now I need a walker everywhere in the house, and outside I am unable to walk long distances because of the fatigue, and weakness of the muscles. 
        Good luck on going through the doctors appointments, and hope they can treat you to relieve some of your symptoms.
  • Avatar
    I hope that the doctors will immediately help you with the elimination of some symptoms. My friend, unfortunately, could not continue teaching, but discovered the and says that he enjoys working even more than before. And his children are all the more happy that their father works in assignment writing service, but I wish you good luck and most importantly fighting spirit!