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  • russ777
    Lately, over the last two years,  I have been noticing that my sisters overall health has been steadily deteriorating.  To confound things, she is an active alcoholic and takes anxiety and pain meds. Her overall cognitive abilities have decreased to the point where she can only follow and complete very simple tasks, and sometimes its psychologically grueling for her. She has recently been through a divorce and blames all of her neurological symptoms on everything peripheral=alcohol, no sleep etc, but she had one episode where I knew something was up. She reported doing her laundry and her legs cramped and just gave out and she had to drag herself up the stairs. She said,"Oh, it's a potassium dwfuciency... I'll eat a banana" To make a very long and complicated story short, I have enough clinical experience and my own personal anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that she has M..S. Our Father recently died and I sent her something very unusual and pretty darn hard to forget, it was a polished piece of metal that said "Nurture"...last night I asked her about it and she didnt even remember it. I am very concerned. My sister is 55 but acts and behaves and uses the logic of a 12 year old. Her physical health is waning and I need some hard truths and some kind truths that may be able to thaw my sisters resistance to going to the Dr.....Help 
    tHanks in advance
  • maria1
    I am sorry to hear about your sister, alcohol is a tough one. Have you thought about joining an al-anon group?

    Years ago, I asked a friend of mine to take responsiblilty for his life, the timing was right or the sound of my voice soft enough for him to hear, he joined AA.

    'How about you take responsibility for your life.' is all you can say, unless you know of an intervention group in your area. May I suggest you say it three times, because we with ms do not have every experience go into memory, some of them do not record, and alcoholics too.

    Once you have taken responsibility for you, and have delivered the message to her, all you can do is hope for the best. You ought not become her enabler, do not take responsibility for her life., you can only take responsibility for yours.
  • ErinNicole
    I’m so sorry that you’re watching your sister struggle through this.

    Maria shared so much wisdom. 

    We do have s tendency to miss things. My 8 yo has learned to ask permission for something multiple times with at least 2 affirmative answered before proceeding. It’s ssd but true.

    Also she might need to come to this on her own. Just keep gently nudging.