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  • mblanco
    Hey everyone. My name is Melissa, I’m 33, a teacher, and living in California. I am not currently diagnosed with MS, but my symptoms are pretty concerning. Please let me know if you’ve experienced something similar. 

    Around 6 months ago, I started experiencing neck tingling at work, once a week or so. I attributed it to my posture and moved on. 

    I had knee surgery 3 months ago and afterwards started experiencing spasms in BOTH my thighs when I walked. Thought this was just recovery from surgery + compensation of my other leg. This came and went. Along with the spasms, I occasionally felt a wet patch on the outside of my operated knee. I figured there was nerve damage or this was related to the prediabetes I have. I moved on, cleaned up my diet, lost some weight. 

    Fast forward to last week, when things got real. While I was at work, I felt 3 shocks to my face within a minute. Then I turned my head and a shock went down my left arm. This sent me straight to my doctor who scheduled me for an MRI. That night, my left jaw would go numb on and off. 

    From that point on, it is as if my nervous system has completely malfunctioned. The tingling in my neck is now half my back and constant. The spasming in my legs happens every time I walk. The wet patch now comes and goes on both legs, and now you can add feelings of intense warmth to my abdomen and ankle throughout the day. The only symptom that does not change is the intense pins and needles on my back and neck. I have also started twitching, constantly. My eyelids, sometimes my arms, legs, and back. It comes and goes and is not painful. 

    Yesterday, I had had enough when the tingling completely covered my face up to my eyes. The ER doctors said that I’m not having a stroke. 4 hours later, I was STILL waiting in the ER, so I left.

    In the middle of all of this, I was lucky to have a brain and neck MRI completed. The brain MRI was normal and the neck MRI showed a syrinx (cyst) on my thoracic spine. My doctor says the syrinx wouldn’t cause the symptoms I’m having, and he really has no clue what I’m experiencing, so he referred me to a neurologist (I have yet to go) and told me he wants me to talk to a therapist (not opposed to this, but... yeah). He thinks it’s stress. 

    Friends, is this anything like you’ve ever experienced? Next steps for me are to have an MRI done of the rest of my spine. I asked the doctor if it’s worth redoing my first MRI with contrast, and he said no. What do you all think I should do? 

    Thank you for reading. 
  • Avatar
    It is very advisable to seek out the answer to your issues.  MS can act so very quickly, and a normal person expects for things to proceed in a normal fashion.  MS sneaks up on you when you are not looking.

    However, having said that, you should go to an MS Specialist/Care Center.  There is a list on this site of approved doctors and care centers -- folks who know their stuff!  Cannot say adamantly enough -- go to them!  Don't try to run the show at all -- go to them!!!
  • lilwren
    Would someone please post the link for the MS care centers. Pardon me if it's easy to find. My brain fog is keeping me from finding it. Maybe it's easier on a desktop version? Thank you.
  • mblanco
    Thank you! I definitely need to stop trying to run the show. Good advice. Thanks, again. 
  • golgotha
    The problem is that even if we have had many/any of those symptoms, the symptoms could be caused by one or several different problems.

    In other words, to get into a diagnosis you need a combination of a primary care physician (your regular doctor) and a neurologist.

    The MS Society here has a searchable database of resources/doctors that may prove handy. But in terms of a neurologist, any decent neurolgist who has some experience with MS would be a good starting point.

    Hope you feel better and get some answers soon.
  • Avatar
    I had to call in and talk to a navigator when I was looking for a doctor for my daughter, who was experiencing symptoms.  Follow Golgotha's link, and at the bottom of it there is a number for live talk with a navigator.