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  • autumn26
    I've had the following symptoms for the past 10 or so years
    my MRI was clear 10 years ago
    can you folks tell me if the symptoms sound like MS?
    • numbness in feet, hands, sometimes left leg
    • eyes dart to left when reading sometimes 
    • fatigue and all over weakness
    • feeling like I got off a boat sometimes 
    • forgetting words when speaking
    • twice I had floaters encroach the outer corner of my right eye so much that my vision was not right
    • severe constipation (causing 2 hospital stays and internal bleeding)
    • anxiety
    • headache (often)
    • sudden pain with muscle movement 
    I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I feel it's something else and will be seeing a neurologist next month 

    thank you for your time
  • lavana
    I'm not a doctor but you're doing the right thing writing down what your symptoms are, I would also suggest including dates and severity.

    i hope your dr appointment goes well and hoping it is minor
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi autumn26,

    It's great that you have an appointment with a neurologist next month, that's the professional who can most accurately help you figure out what may be causing your symptoms.  As everyone's MS is different, and noone here is qualified to diagnose you, I'd encourage you to wait until you have the opinion of your medical team.  Keep us updated!

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • echobird
    Hi Autumn don't mind us old dinosaurs😜. Just trying to get you to smile a little. I know that this stuff is scary what's happening to you and your body and mind and of coarse the eye thing. But it does sound so far like it could be. But you don't start worrying darry. Take a deep breath in and out try and remember what's been happening in the past talk to your doctor with the list and try and see if you can get it checked out asap! I had it for probably most of my adult life heck could of been back to when I was a teenager. But my original doctor did an MRI and told me I had Dawson fingers well over 17 years ago but he said he did know why and it wasn't a big deal. I should of taken that report and MRI to a neurologists long ago. Either way the sooner you get it figured out the better.