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Possible / New Diagnosis

Most likely MS *

About a month back I started noticing slight lack of sensation on right cheek - difficult to describe because if I touch on both cheeks with fingers it would feel the same but somehow the right side face would feel as if it has some glue on it or dry skin. Long story short, eventually went to neuro who… Read More

Maybe MS? *

For the past 17 years I have dealt with joint pain, tingling on one side of the body, chronic urinary issues and my face, tongue and nose tingling. I was told by a  neuro after a brain mri showed no lesions that I was having anxiety attacks. That initially happened 17 years ago and since then it has continued… Read More

Looking For Answers *

Good afternoon! I stumbled upon this site in researching symptoms I've been experiencing and thought I'd give it a shot in discussing with others. I'm a 37 YO male.  My first symptoms started in February, when one day I was watching TV and felt pressure in the left side of my chest.  I also had some shortness… Read More

Possible MS - Symptoms*

Hi there! I have not been diagnosed with MS yet but have an appointment set up with a neurologist. I just wanted to get a feel of what you guys experienced with your MS compared to the symptoms I’ve had. I do know that every persons symptoms are different. I am just going to give a break down of my symptoms… Read More

I'm a mess. Please help. *

Hi, I'm new here. My name is Angel. Im a 26 yr old student. I've had anxiety for a long time stemming from trauma suffered from high school. In April, I had what appeared to be my first Anxiety attack. My hands were trembling and my legs where in pain and tingled when I laid down. My muscles twitched all over… Read More

Help and Advise*

Hello friends, My name is Maria and I finally convinced my self to creat an account and learn more about MS based on others stories and learn as I go. I officially got DIagnosed at the begining of this year. I do sometimes have mental breakdowns and I end up not having someone with me to talk about how I feel… Read More

Throat spasms and pain *

Hi  Ive been experiencing many symptoms over the past....but they were always passed off as stress. Then symptoms were passed off as Fibro... But recently .... something has happened that has caused me to have this incredible “flare “ ...and it’s very scary . The muscles spasms, tremors, cramps etc etc ...I… Read More

MS or Not? *

Hi all, Im new to this site and wanted to get some opinions on my story. I’m 42 year old male who was very active cyclist up until this hit me, 4 months ago I started having intermittent electric shock like pain and tingling in my left leg. It was worse after Cycling. It quickly progressed to both legs. I’ve… Read More

MS or Conversion Disorder?*

My neurologist and the MS Specialist I have seen both believe I have a Conversion Disorder, but both have been dismissive and slightly condescending. My Primary Dr believes I have MS, and he is caring and has been with me since the beginning. I have considered the possibility of my symptoms being caused by… Read More


I've been through hell and back the past month, having to go on 3 rounds of heavy steroids to try to break my severe symptoms, and finding out that my brain MRI was really bad and all but confirmed MS a couple of weeks ago. My neurologist is currently fighting my insurance company to try to get me on Tecfidera… Read More

Newly Diagnosed and Unsure *

So, the backstory on my diagnosis. I’m 34 and have struggled with significant clinical anxiety the past 10 years, largely caused by the anti anxiety medications I was on. I fell into an abuse pattern with benzodiazepines, (the withdrawal symptoms overlap considerably with MS symptoms.) After taking a… Read More

Starting to give up. *

I have been battling health issues since I was about 13. I am 38 now. When I was 13 they found one white spot on an mri on my brain. From what I remember they just said to monitor it with mri every year. I always had a tremor and some balance issues but nothing major. I have always also had headaches. I have… Read More

In pain and Hopeless*

I just got my MRI results back and other than a couple of minor bludging discs in my neck, but I still have a lot of unexplained problems that sometimes leave me immobile and in severe pain for hours to days. I have frequent muscle spasms in my shoulders, neck, legs and just started getting facial spasms (nose… Read More

Specialist don't know what I have*

So Nov 2013 I had an episode of horrible joint pain, difficult to move, lasted about two weeks.  December I started noticing tingling while laying down in my legs.  I've had horrible fatigue, mental fog (calling things by the wrong name, poor memory and I have always been known for my memory), hair loss… Read More

My MS is painful*

10 months ago it became apparent that something was wrong.  I thought it was just a bug causing aches and pains until one night I had a difficult time holding things and difficulty walking up the stairs without tripping.  Over the following months I was tested for tick born illnesses, lupus, arthritis… Read More

Tingling in limbs-similar to MS?*

Hello, I have not been diagnosed but have found that many of my seemingly random issues match the early signs of MS. I came here because I am wondering about one symptom in particular-the tingling in my limbs. It started 2 and a half weeks ago. I have been feeling it in my left hand constantly (except for this… Read More