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Possible / New Diagnosis

Newly Diagnosed and Unsure *

So, the backstory on my diagnosis. I’m 34 and have struggled with significant clinical anxiety the past 10 years, largely caused by the anti anxiety medications I was on. I fell into an abuse pattern with benzodiazepines, (the withdrawal symptoms overlap considerably with MS symptoms.) After taking a… Read More

Starting to give up. *

I have been battling health issues since I was about 13. I am 38 now. When I was 13 they found one white spot on an mri on my brain. From what I remember they just said to monitor it with mri every year. I always had a tremor and some balance issues but nothing major. I have always also had headaches. I have… Read More

In pain and Hopeless*

I just got my MRI results back and other than a couple of minor bludging discs in my neck, but I still have a lot of unexplained problems that sometimes leave me immobile and in severe pain for hours to days. I have frequent muscle spasms in my shoulders, neck, legs and just started getting facial spasms (nose… Read More

Specialist don't know what I have*

So Nov 2013 I had an episode of horrible joint pain, difficult to move, lasted about two weeks.  December I started noticing tingling while laying down in my legs.  I've had horrible fatigue, mental fog (calling things by the wrong name, poor memory and I have always been known for my memory), hair loss… Read More

My MS is painful*

10 months ago it became apparent that something was wrong.  I thought it was just a bug causing aches and pains until one night I had a difficult time holding things and difficulty walking up the stairs without tripping.  Over the following months I was tested for tick born illnesses, lupus, arthritis… Read More

Tingling in limbs-similar to MS?*

Hello, I have not been diagnosed but have found that many of my seemingly random issues match the early signs of MS. I came here because I am wondering about one symptom in particular-the tingling in my limbs. It started 2 and a half weeks ago. I have been feeling it in my left hand constantly (except for this… Read More

At the Stage of "Am I Crazy?"*

Here's my story, two years ago my eye doctor told me that some of my eye symptoms were commonly seen in people with MS. I looked into those symptoms, but did not look further. Fast forward two years and I had what I am calling an event back in October. The event felt like my whole body was against me: Extreme… Read More

Scheduled for my first MRI *

Backstory. I have been experiencing weird occurrences since I was at least about 19, maybe longer, but I wrote them off as probably something everyone has happen now and then. I am currently 34.If I would reach a certain way over my head/life my head I would occasionally get a weird tingling that would run down… Read More

Symptoms / Auditory Hallucinations*

Anyone out there who has been diagnosed with MS have Auditory Hallucinations? Meaning hear voices  / sounds / music in their head like it is playing, but it's not in reality? I read 1 case of a 54 year old woman who heard music in her head . Many do not say anything because it is embarrassing and I can… Read More

Limbo Land*

I’ve been in limbo land for over a decade but recent had a spell with really bad symptoms. I have never had any lesions show up on brain MRIs but because of this recent spell my neuro sent me for an LP. The LP shows 2  o-bands. My first neuro said that you need 4 to be positive, so no MS. My second neuro said… Read More

i'm asking for help or advice*

Now that MS has been brought to my attention I've had weird issues all of my life. When I was young probably 1st or 2nd grade I was having these debilitating migraines. My mother took me to an eye Dr. I was given glasses and migraines went away. Was told then I had astigmatism in both eyes and that I was near… Read More

What are my odds?*

Hello everyone.  I'm scared to death, but I'm hoping for some straight answers here.  I'll try to be consice so this doesn't get boring.  I've had so many injuries, it's also kind of confusing so I am going to present the info according to my symptoms instead of in story form. Hands - my right hand has been… Read More

Waiting for neurologist *

Hi.  I'm new here. I have been told I may have ms.  I'm  torn about how I feel about the possibility.  On one hand I'm scared, but on the other I'm kinda hopeful that I will finally have an answer about what is wrong with me.  I had half convinced myself I'm just crazy. It didn't make sense that I could be in… Read More

Symptoms but no diagnosis, question*

I'm feeling so frustrated with this. I have constant numbness in my right 3 middle toes for at least 3 years and decreased sensitivity in hands and lips for a year.  Lumbar puncture is normal and MRI has shown 1 lesion for the past 2 years since I started seeing a neurologist. I've been told he ruled everything… Read More


Hello, new to this forum, 21 average weight. I started having issues this past August (2018) it started with stabbing pain in my right side by my hip and was sent to the emergency room for possible appendicitis, it ended up being clear of that. Within a few weeks I started having panic attacks which I had never… Read More

Searching for an answer...*

hello, im so distraught, I don’t know where else to turn where people will listen to me!  I’m 39 and I have 3 babies under 6 years old and I’m petrified at the thought of not being there for my kids... my symptons started in January for the most part.  I presented with numbness in the face, lower leg, foot… Read More