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Possible / New Diagnosis


Needless to say, it's being called atypical MS which doesn't help. I have been through hours of MRIs, blood tests, a lumbar puncture (doctor wants another one). And things just keep progressing  little more each day. Totally wrecked my life as well. Clinging on to my job but the fog and memory issues are… Read More

Worried about ms testing *

hello . I am a 41 yr old female . With a history of anxiety disorder but otherwise have always been healthy . Past 3 years after I have my son in 2016 gained weight and am now 60 pounds overweight . So in past 3 years have had a few ailments I contributed to age , weight or anxiety .. like : back pain and or… Read More

Searching for answers *

Hello I've been experiencing many signs of MS. My hospital stay was not a good one, the doctors were very rude. However my results from my lumbar puncture came back to show my demylenating protein was 3.2 and I had a higher than normal IgG levels. The 3.2 was high for that lab, and also found signs of neural… Read More

Wondering how nervous I should be...*

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been having strange symptoms, and I'm not one to go to the doctor unless I really need to, but I finally broke down and went last week. My left eye has been twitching for 35 days. Numbness/decreased sensation/occasional burning pain in some of my toes. The numbness is slight but… Read More

Need Patience *

Have not been part of a forum in 10 years, but I need to put these thoughts somewhere. Thank you for having a section for those of us waiting to be diagnosed. Besides hearing if this sounds like it could be MS, I hope this will help me keep track of symptoms as time goes on. It's a lot, and I don't expect… Read More

Time to move on?*

About 2 years ago I began experiencing what I later learned to be Lhermitte's phenomenon. My PCP referred me to MRI which was notable for abnormalities on the cervical spine and an essentially normal brain (aside from a few spots that could represent migraines?) I was then referred to a neurologist (and his… Read More

28 and don’t know what to do *

hi there, was recently diagnosed with MS. I was experiencing some textbook symptoms and after an mri, the doctor told me it was MS, then they just sent me home with a steroid.  I am only 28 (with a newborn baby.) I see a neurologist tomorrow. But what I am looking for, and hoping I can get is some help in the… Read More


I went to my primary doctor a couple of years ago because I was having issues with my balance (if I lose my balance I have no chance of correcting myself so I fall), intermittent double vision, dizziness, horrible muscle cramps (where it feels like my bones are breaking) and memory/word finding issues.  She did… Read More

Just need some thoughts*

Hi everyone, so I'll jump right into it. The past two years I've has a host of issues. Stomach issues, reactive Hypoglycemia, left sided weakness, heat intolerance, heart palpitations, headaches, vision changes, maybe once a month for a few days ill get extreme vertigo, if I'm on an uneven surface I get like a… Read More


im new to this forumi REALLY NEED HELP . But not new to being sick. I had colorectal cancer fought for 5 years and my fair share of health issues. However recently all my issues are pointing towards MS-  Major spasms in rib cage like a Charlie horse even waking up at night with them Blurry vision Feet legs… Read More

Possibly newly diagnosed?*

Hello...I am a very active mom of 3 little ones and a wife of almost 15 years. I Was fine just fine until December 29th when I woke up with double vision (only when looking left). A trip to urgent care thinking I’ll get a zpack or something, eventually led me to the local ER for a series of tests. I felt fine… Read More

MRI diagnosis of MS...

Hi everyone, I recently had a 2nd MRI from two years ago. First major episode in Early 2017 was when I was at work and felt suddenly I was going blind in one eye and seeing triple at the same time. Doctors thought I was having a stroke. I then saw a neuro doctor..  They found white matter and 5 hyperintense T2… Read More

Worrying for months *

Hi, I've had episodic joint problems for years that were repeatedly diagnosed as tendoninits. Chalked up to lots of hardcore exercise even when I would wake up with random pain that would last weeks and suddeny disappear. My right arm started losing muscle some years ago, though I'm right handed. It was… Read More

Still no diagnosis*

Hello, I'm Ana. I don't know for sure that I have MS, but I have had three different doctors suggest it over the years. I have had symptoms for about ten years, now. They did an MRI at the beginning, but they haven't done any sort of tests that would show MS since then. ERs mostly just give me fluids and check… Read More