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  • sleeplessinseattle
    Hello! As stated in the title I’ve had boughts of diagnosed Lyme Disease at least 3 times before. When I was 7 years old, I had two types of Lyme I could barely walk I remember having leg pain. When I was around 13 I was out of school for a month for Lyme again, I was blacking out and fainting and was very tired. In college I was again diagnosed I can remember a lot more symptoms. The list included fluid in legs, fatigue, muscle pain, muscle twitches, migraines, strange chest heart attack like symptoms, dizziness, the list goes on. That was about 2 years ago and I have been better since then and my current symptoms do not stop my from living an active healthy life. I still get muscle twitches, I have migraines, weak bladder, vision floaters, I wake up  3 times a night, random pains. I have had ibs since middle school and I have had GERD since last year. My stomach symptoms have gotten worse last year I could drink now I cannot even have one beer without being sick and I throw up in addition. But with diet I can mostly avoid severe attacks. It was hard getting Lyme diagnoses, I grew up in Connecticut those doctors told me I have Lyme but when I saw doctors in Virginia where I went to school they tested for a lot of other things. It is controversial. A neurologist said I have white lesions on my brain from Lyme and I know those can look similar to MS. I have had plenty of antibiotics and they have not treated me. I suspect MS but I do not feel as if I am currently in a flare up of my symptoms. I am afraid to see yet another doctor because I see so many for all my different symptoms. What if all my symptoms are connected? Who could I see to connect all my problems? And should I wait for another flare up or can they help me now with minor symptoms? Thank you. 
  • maria1
    Gee sleeplessinseattle, lyme is much like ms and is often a first elimination, i had a doc an internist who kept saying I did not have ms and tested me forever for ms before I realized he was a fraud. You can call the National ms society and as for a referral to an ms specialist or go to and chat on line with a navigator, they can help. Getting relief is a challenge for all of us. you just cant give up looking for the right person to give you satisfaction. You can keep chatting with us, we will encourgage you all the way. We for sure know what it is like to search for answers. We learn patience and how to fight for answers. You are in Seattle they have fine ms clinics and services. maria
  • kiguana1984
    It took 5 neurologists to finally diagnosed me with MS. They tested me for Lyme and came back negative. Do you live in Seattle?