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  • gallifreyanlass
    Hello, so this part of my life started in 2012 when I was only 22 years old .I started having strange symptoms, drowsiness, this foggy drunk feeling and alot of pain. I went to my PCP who sent me for and MRI. This is where I was told "I've never seen anything like this in someone your age" the brain lesions. I will send you a few different specialist and I was told that I have MS, however I was then told vy another doctor that I was fine and nothing was wrong with me, but never got an answer for the lesions. Fast tkrwarf to now and things have only gittgo worse By this point. I started losing feeling and my feet my hands my arms, Burning Sensations, always feeling tired, clumsiness, tremors which are mainly in my hands and head, in this awful sensation like my head is a bowling ball on top of a toothpick which burns, and is extremely painful . Earlier this summer, I somehow managed to fall down 18 steps my body just gave out. I go to the doctor do some test and find out that my nerves are narrowing and my neck my lesions have definitely not gotten any better so now I'm back on the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, I've gone to the Cleveland Clinic I've had every blood test don't rule out other diseases, they have come back negative and now I'm being sent for a lumbar puncture. Is there any possibility this isn't MS? The neurologist said she wants to put me through the test because she's just not sure but she can't explain the symptoms and she can't explain lesions. And she wants to make sure that they are right and labeling Ms. I'm not getting better, I'm an extremely active person and I'm scared. Could they be wrong?
  • neurosurgnurse

    Hey Galli! 

    First of all, I am so sorry you are going through all of this.  I hate that doctors do this to patients. When an MRI is done and a radiologist see's these MS lesions, that is just that, MS LESIONS. I am a neuro surgery nurse and all the time we see MRI's that are sent to us for second opinions asking us if "this is a brain tumor or an MS lesson" and my Neurosurgeon nearly crawls out of his skin everytime.  tumors, lesions, hematomas, active bleeds etc all have certain characteristics, that is how we diagnose them.  And when we see a brain MRI that looks like "swiss cheese" pardon the pun, but that is literally what some of them look like with MS, and it is sent to us for a second opinion, we start to have serious doubts in the radiologist.  MRI's and Spinal taps are the tests that we use to confirm MS.  And when a doctor starts grabbing at straws because of your age due to the (your not the norm) he needs to go back to medical school.  Unfortunately honey we have people that are "not the norm" I am so sorry that this has happened to you. with your symptoms and what you have said on your MRI, i would have to say that its a positive.  I would want a physician to be straight forward with me and not get my hopes up thinking I have some other horrible disease.  Get your spinal tap, so that you can start treatment.  I am going to pray hard for you my friend.  I spent 20 years being told that "this is all in your head" only to find out that it was MS all along. Advice wise, we have to be strong advocates to ourselves becuase no one else will do it for us.  stay strong my friend.  God Bless.  Keep us updated.  HUGGS.

  • echobird
    The string cheese is what they call Dawson fingers. And yes I know about them thinking of brain tumors. Been there done that with my wife and sister I guess. Didn't have cancer it was MS hip hip hooray for me. I'm sorry for being sinicle about this but I don't know how to explain it to most people about how much it annoys us. Insult to us that need to be treated before we get worse. so I hope that you don't take offense to it. And I hope that they can get you on a treatment plan right away so you don't get worse. I seen a guys video blog on u tube and he had passed away by age of 30 and that was extremely saddening to myself and others that knew him his name was tommy trosper. He was asking for help to raise money for the surgery that he needed to save his life but couldn't get the help he needed. So please stay viglelent as to your health and problems.