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  • mskatiemon
    About a month ago, I returned to the hospital two days after being told my numb feet were caused by a low potassium level and I should just go home and eat a banana.  The numbness had spread from my feet to my rib cage.  They took an MRI, found lesions, kept me for testing and then released me into the wilds without a treatment plan or medication.  After the Spinal tap I developed a corsetting feeling around my waist and tingling fingers.  Looked it up online-looks like I might have a MS Hug.  The neurologists at the hospital agreed.  I have a referral in March to a MS clinic.  I guess I am their problem now.

    I was given absolutely no direction on what to avoid or do.  Came home from the hospital decided to take a hot shower to get rid of the hospital germs and stress.  My numbness and hug got worse and my vision dimmed to black.  I had to go to my bed and lay down, once my body returned to normal temperature my vision came back and I was ok again (still numb and corsetted but bareable).  Looked it up on Dr. Google... Hello Uhtoff's Phenomenon!

    Anyways, I am going a little crazy with the different symptoms every day and the waiting for a official diagnosis.  Or a stabilization of my condition - I would totally settle for a reduction of fatigue.  I am incapable of punctuality right now.

    Does anyone have any tips about learning to chill out while waiting for an official diagnosis, or coping with a life altering conditions, or dealing with instability?

    So far I find humour and destraction work pretty well 95% of the time.
  • maria1
    You learned very quickly about heat. Chronic fatigue it is said is caused by overactive immune system, so, we with ms know that very well. 

    The only important fact about 'chilling out' is that the more stressed the nerves become the more they freak out, so a quiet mind is for sure the best way to control the maddness of nerves going haywire. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello mskatiemon,

    I am including some general information about possible MS from our website, but please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have questions, need support or are looking for resources in your area. Call 1.800.344.4867 (M-F 7am-5pm MST) and ask to speak to an MS Navigator.

    Stephanie, MS Navigator 
  • echobird
    Well! A lot to take in. I'm so sorry for you to be going through this. I know that it's hard for most of us to get a good doctor that can help you out with all of this. I think that you are on the right track with talking to others on the forum. When you start to feel like that try some ice packs for to bring your temp down especially use it for your back and neck. Also try not to get stressed out over everything because stress makes it hard to recover from a flare up. And as far as the hospital sending you home with telling you to eat a banana that sounds like the hospital that we have in my area as well.