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  • lottiebarra
    Hi everyone, I recently had a 2nd MRI from two years ago. First major episode in Early 2017 was when I was at work and felt suddenly I was going blind in one eye and seeing triple at the same time. Doctors thought I was having a stroke. I then saw a neuro doctor..  They found white matter and 5 hyperintense T2 Flair lesions and corpus callous within. I have a history of headaches and migraines, foot pain, and recent blurred visi on . Sometimes at night my feet feel like they are on fire burning and painful. I thought it was  just hormones. The past year or so my bladder has a mind of its own, and I think I am done urinating and it just drips down. I have constant rib pain on the bottom of my ribs for for the past three years, but have felt rib pain on the bottom tips for years. Some days I can’t get out of bed. I am always tired. Had mono and epstein-Barr. Just had a 2nd MRI and doctor report states. “Stable mild white matter disease when compared to 2017 and compatible with the demyelination for multiple sclerosis in the appropriate clinical context” Also, I have a small growing mass on the sagittal area of the brain.

    So... My doctor in Seattle area is not practicing right now and I have no Neuro right now. Need advise on a good doctor who is accepting new patients for MS and if this looks like slam dunk MS? Sorry it is such a long post. Thank you 
  • maria1
    you can go to for a referral or call the National MS Society they have a database by area.
  • lottiebarra
    Thank you. I am going to my PC doctor tomorrow  too. Just wanted to see what other members thought or in the Seattle area. 
  • kiguana1984
    Hey, I'm from Seattle. A neurologist from Swedish was the one that diagnosed me with MS. Swedish doctors are really good, at least from what I heard.