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  • thefoxyroxy
    On the 21st I’m having a lumbar fusion of disk L5L6-S1. Does anyone have any idea if a spinal tap could be done during this time while I am under anesthesia! I’ve gone through cancer and so so much I’m a big wus to pain now and am trying to see if this is possible. 
     I’m in the diagnoses phase. Getting a brain T3 MRI with contrast on Tuesday.
     Thank you 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I can't find an answer online to your question specifically so I'd bring this up to your doctor. What I can say is that my actual spinal tap for me wasn't painful. There's some pain afterwards to be expected but I didn't find the procedure itself painful.
  • lovereign
    I don't think so. If surgeons are going in to repair your spinal cord disks, that's what they will be focused on, not on diagnosing MS. You can always ask them. If you're having your disks fused I'd suggest getting the LP done first. Some do have pain but not everyone. I had a nurse talking to me, distracting me, while they inserted the needle. I did not feel a thing. No pain during or after. Just follow their instructions and lay completely still while they drain the CSF out. Afterwards they tell you to lay in the bed for half an hour or so on your back before trying to get up and move around. Remind yourself that pain, including emotional pain, is only temporary. Fear lets the mind's imagination run wild; often thinking the worst scenarios will happen. Usually, in retrospect, you realize you were getting yourself all riled up and worried for nothing. Stay peaceful, be still within yourself.
  • Chrissyny
    I agree😊😊😊😊
     take care of one thing at a time. 
     lumbar puncture was also not painful for me, and it shouldn’t be for you either. The lumbar puncture is going to be cake walk✌🏼😊❀️not to worry about that.
  • Avatar
    Hi, my neurologist just went with my brain MRI which showed plenty of lesions so I didn't have to go through a lumbar puncture or a spinal tap.  I would wait until you hear from your neurologist's office after your MRI to see if they need any further diagnotic testing.
  • rhondastoughfight
    Hello my "MS" friend:

    I had the Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap about 3 months ago.  The procedure itself was not bad but afterwards, I was having migrain headaches on a daily basis.  The doctor said that I will soon go away and it did.  The procedure is just a small needle inserted in the lower part of your back and the whole thing took about 10-15 minutes.  They said this is done to make sure that you really have "MS."  Good luck to you,


    Rhonda Smith