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  • whitney777
    Hi everyone, so I'll jump right into it. The past two years I've has a host of issues. Stomach issues, reactive Hypoglycemia, left sided weakness, heat intolerance, heart palpitations, headaches, vision changes, maybe once a month for a few days ill get extreme vertigo, if I'm on an uneven surface I get like a flash of dizziness . I'm a nurse and stopped work about 6 months ago to try to figure out what was wrong with me. Had soooo many blood test.....nothing.....feel like I'm going crazy. Well about 3 weeks ago my left side started getting tingly. And my left leg would feel like it was weak but asleep .3 days ago I started getting facial numbness on the left dried glue in my face kinda. I ended up in the ER today and they did a MRI. The results were T2 Flare with signal abnormalities in my left frontal lobe .The ER doc referred me to a nurologist but said he doubted it was ms because the area is on my left frontal lobe and that would effect my right side. He said it could just be something that's been there .But when my nurse came in to discharge me she looked at my MRI results and said it looked like MS. My neurologist appointment is next month. Does this sound like MS to y'all? I just want to know, ya know. My life is on hold and i just want to know why I feel so fatigued and awful all the time. Thanks so much for any advice and thoughts . God Bless. 
  • onlyoneway2b
    Good morning,

    I was recently diagnosed with MS.  From what I understand many of the lesions in the brain can be “silent” or asymptomatic.  If you have a lesion on T2 that could be what is causing numbness from that level toward your feet.  Depending on where the lesion is located on the spinal cord it could affect one side or the other or both.  I have lesions on C4-5 and T6-7.  What brought me to the diagnosis of MS was waking up with numbness from xiphoid to toes bilaterally,  which the following morning included my fingers 3-5 bilaterally.  

    I know that doesn’t explain your facial numbness but hoping this helps you.  Wishing you the best! 
  • Chrissyny
    sounds like a lot-right now. 🌻🌻dont read toooooo much into stuff-could be misleading and no use wasting your energy on info that doesn’t apply to you.
    Take a deep breath because sounds like your heading in the right direction-a neurologist.
    suggestion...bring all mri discs, written REPORTS, printouts, bloodwork. Don’t rely on ‘them’ faxing or sending over. 

    Should definetly be helpful for next appt AND it’s good to have-IN TOUR HANDS, Incase you need second opinion ❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊

    Answers are out their for you.
    keep smiling ❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊

  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Very sorry to hear of your ordeal, thank you for sharing your story on here. I had my first really noticeable relapse in Mid may of 2017, I awoke with sudden bad speech slurring, also the right side of my face went stiff and I couldn't smile. The stiffness in my face seemed to fade and go away in two weeks or so but the speech slurring dragged on for like a month. I don't like going to the doctor but I had an appointment in early June anyways for a blood pressure check so when I went in for that I told my regular doctor all about my speech issues & he said well I'm gonna order you a brain MRI. So the MRI of my brain was ordered & I also was told to make an appointment with a neurologist. I started to suspect MS after reading about it during the time I was having the speech slurring episode in mid May. I wasn't sure it was but MS seemed to fit. Then I get to the neurologist & he immediatly ordered blood work after quite a few MS type lesions were revealed to him in my brain MRI results. The bloodwork ruled out Lymes for example which is a noted Ms mimic. Next the neurologist ordered me to have a spinal tap which I had on July 18th 2017. By July 25th following results of the spinal tap (which revealed lots of MS related protein 'o' bands), I received my offical MS diagnosis so it came quick. I can't tell you for sure if you have Ms, only a neurologist can do this, but here are some signs and symptoms of MS can include:

    Muscle weakness, stiffness or cramps
    Tingling, numbness or pain in your body
    Tremor (shaking) in your arms or legs
    Loss of balance
    Problems walking or moving your arms or legs
    Speech problems
    Vision problems
    Fatigue (feeling tired all the time)
    Bladder or bowel problems
    Thinking and memory problems

    I hope you find the answers you seek & that you will get the help you need when the answers arrive. This site is a very good support system either way.

    In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. - Carl Jung
  • grebelmn
    I went to my primary doctor a couple of years ago because I was having issues with my balance (if I lose my balance I have no chance of correcting myself so I fall), intermittent double vision, dizziness, horrible muscle cramps (where it feels like my bones are breaking) and memory/word finding issues.  She did a bunch of tests and found that my B12 level was at a critical low so I was put on replacement.  My B12 levels are now much higher so well within therapeutic levels.  She had me see a neurologist who ordered a bunch more tests including MRI, auditory/vertigo and neuropsych testing.  He also found that I have neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I have tremors in my left hand from time to time where it's tough to hold onto anything because it's shaking so bad. 
    Fast forward to a month or so ago I was at work and the left side of my face, hand/arm and trunk went numb and tingly so much so that I thought for sure I had a left sided facial droop but nope.  I couldn't feel what was in my left hand but yet I was.  I went to the ER after this happened intermittently for a couple of weeks, each episode lasting anywhere from a few moments to an hour and a half.  CT and MRI were clean, no lesions again.  I had a follow-up with the neurologist and she tried to say it was "brain irritation" and wanted to give me a medication to treat my migraines (I don't have migraines anymore, no aura, no visual change, no headache, nothing).  I contacted the patient advocate and got someone to finally listen to me because after reviewing my records they were incomplete and/or incorrect.  She asked if I'd been to the MS clinic yet, I told her no because they keep saying that it's not MS.  Just had SSEP and VEP testing this past Thursday with follow up on the 11th.
  • Avatar
    whitney777 - You definitely need to see a neurologist.  Make sure to write down all your symptoms, take whatever records you have, and a list of questions you want to ask the neurologist.  And take  notes!  Good luck with your visit to the neurologist.  You probably will need to get a second opinion.  Don't forget to get back in touch with us.
  • golgotha
    Does this sound like MS to y'all?

    I'm not a doctor and the key is the MRI. There are a couple of things that can mimic MS, so hope you have one of those.

    But I'd echo capitolcarol's advice: See a neurologist, preferably one with experience with MS. That'll be the key to diagnosing and getting some treatment for your many symptoms. Hoping you feel better...