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Possible / New Diagnosis

Still Undiagnosed*

I’m waiting for my appointment with a neurologist so still undiagnosed. I’m 41, married, and got a 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son.  I’d say the symptoms started 4-5 years ago. I run 10 miles a week and lift weights a lot so I think I chalked them up to injuries while working out. It was mostly hand… Read More


Hi everyone, I have been away from this site for a long time.  Just recently got back on.  When I first found the site I was looking for help with my MS.  Received really good advise then didn't come back regularly as I should have. I have learned alot in the last 7 months.  I believe in "pay forward" so I… Read More

Newly diagnosed and so confused *

Hello, so this part of my life started in 2012 when I was only 22 years old .I started having strange symptoms, drowsiness, this foggy drunk feeling and alot of pain. I went to my PCP who sent me for and MRI. This is where I was told "I've never seen anything like this in someone your age" the brain lesions. I… Read More

Please help with any advice possible me *

Hi my name is Alicia I'm not even sure where to start. All I know is I'm currently very sick and have been for a while but I have so many different problems I don't know what is going on and what is causing what they keep treating me for multiple different things and I believe one of the underlying problems may… Read More

Possible MS need advice*

Hello!I will try to keep this as short as possible. A little over a year ago I started to experience symptoms that were MS related. For the first month it was so bad I had to drop out of college. After about a month most of the symptoms went away except fatigue. This cycle of having new symptoms and them going… Read More

New to the MS world and scared*

I don't currently have MS...yet. My neurologist ordered an MRI earlier this year due to an increasing in frequency of my headaches. Surprise, surprise, there were lesions. :( They orderd a TON of blood work (most of it normal except my vitamin D and B12 levels), and a neck MRI (is it normal to just do the neck… Read More

I feel insane *

Here's the short version of my story: diagnosed w/ Lyme 3 years ago, symptoms consistent and getting worse with a brief period (about 9 months) of reprise -- new doc is looking into MS due to intensifying & worrying cognitive symptoms My biggest symptoms are extreme fatigue, neck and back joint pain, memory… Read More


I am middle aged and have had auto-immune symptoms most of my life (like Raynaud’s, facial skin problems and GI issues). I also have PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions), vericose veins and sometimes have a sensation in my legs, while standing, that you get when you are in a fast moving elevator and you… Read More

Question on Symptoms*

Good morning, I have had some peculiar symptoms but my MRI was clear it was of the brain and cervical. Here's my symptoms. Complete body numbness that started suddenty and progressed from extremities to all over body including face.  Urinary retention as well as bowel issues fatigue/dizziness, I compare it… Read More

diagnosed at 24*

Last year i went to my doctor with MS symptoms. she completely denied me and referred me to a psychologist. eventually after 3 or 4 visits throughout the year of me telling her about my concerns, she sent me to physical therapy. if it weren’t for my PT’s concern, i would have never gotten the MRI which revealed… Read More

Shocked and scared*

I’m laying here in bed, too tired to get up, even though all I feel is I have been sleeping. I went into the hospital last Sunday, numb from the waist down, after an mri and spinal tap, was diagnosed with ms. I was put on iv steroids for 4 days l, then released and have an appointment with my doctor Tuesday… Read More

Waiting for an appointment for MRI*

Hi, I'm new here. I'm waiting  in limbo for an apointment for my son to get an MRI. I hope it happens some day soon yet I don't want it to. He's had some symptoms here and there for a few years and that worries me too. He just kept going to doctors and didn't say a whole lot to us. I don't know what to think. I… Read More

Possible MS diagnosis*

Hello, im Serah and i could potentially have MS. I have been to the doctors and have testing here this month and the next. I want honest answers please:  How would you describe MS, symptoms, effects, andything.  I have severe back it started and in my late teens ive had numbness/pins and needles in… Read More

TBI, MS or both?*

Hi, I'm 47 and have had sensory issues all my life.  I've also had a lifelong fear of MS. A few years ago a friend of mine suffered a TBI and I thought it was weird that the symptoms she described were so much like my daily life. I ended up seeing a research neurologist who specializes in pediatric… Read More

Confused and not sure what to think. *

My 30 year old son has had issues for probably ten years.. It started with prostatitis.  Down the road he complained about his eyes but that seemed to get resolved. He complained about his ears ringing but they did a catscan and that was normal. He'd complained about dry eyes. The doctor gave him some meds for… Read More


I was recently diagnosed with CIS but the doctor said this is usually the start of MS.  Everything I read says tha CIS mean that you've had only one flair up but my numbness is all the time just not the tingling and burning and neuralgia. What do I have to have to be considered having another flair. Numbness… Read More