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Possible / New Diagnosis

Where do I start? Frustrated*

Hello, The past eight years I have struggled to grasp doctor visits and tests with the usual "Everything is normal," response. As time has gone on I have realized, along with close friends and family, that "everything" is not normal.  Past MRIs have shown lesions on my brain and spine. I continue to ask my… Read More

Possible MS Tingling in the face. *

Howdy, I’m new here, so please excuse my ignorance. I’m 37, male.  For over a year I have had tingling and sometimes numbness in my face, and at times it feels like my neck is sweating and it’s not. I also have bi lateral fleeting tinnitus. Also, I have from time to time tingling over my whole body. I have also… Read More


I've been having the symptoms all my life, but I didn't know what they were symptoms of until I looked up MS because of my friend's diagnosis. After I finish writing all of this out you'll probably think I'm crazy for not seeing a doctor already. I can't remember when my symptoms first started (I have DID… Read More

Symptoms of MS or not*

Hi everyone. I'm new to this page. I'm having symptoms of which I'm not sure if they are MS. for the last 14 months my doctor keeps saying fibromyalgia. In the last few weeks I have been getting numbness and tingling in face face, started in my cheek, now I get it on many places on my face. Cheek, corner of… Read More


So I've had neurological weirdness for years now. Lots of fatigue, weakness, double vision (but due to eye deviation), eyelid droop, blurry vision, I'd randomly lose vision in one eye (it would completely white out in that eye, could see nothing but solid white and my eye would feel strange), my balance is very… Read More

New with Questions

Hi All, I am new here and have some questions. My main question is how long can your symptoms last before going away?? I am 45 years old and woke up almost 8 months ago with a numb left arm.  (from my elbow to almost my thumb)  There was also, pain, tingling, fire and electrical sensations etc.  My arm… Read More

Possible to have MS with normal MRI*

I was referred to a neurologist last year after talking to my oncologist and primary about symptoms I've been having.  My vertigo has gotten worse to the point that I can't use escalators anymore (feel like I'm falling backwards), my balance is horrible, I trip and fall, there are times when my eyesight is… Read More

Possible MS*

Hi there! I am 22 years and I am currently possibly being diagnosed with MS. When I was 16, I began with sudden numbness in my legs which would last for a few hours and I would not be able to walk. I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Occulta (very mild and normally does not cause issues)  at 9 years old so… Read More

Evoked potentials*

I recently had a full evoked potentials study (somatosensory, visual, auditory) and received the results this week. Unfortunately my neurologist is not available to explain the results, and the report is very confusing. The Impression said that they could not detect any subcortical signals in the somatosensory… Read More

Ok docs, is it or isnt it?*

Hello....this is my first post so I hope I dont ramble, lol. For the past 3 yrs I have been having awful symptoms. Finally last year I was sent to a Neurologist for something else and had my first MRI which showed around 14 lesions on my brain....a few on the right, the rest on the left. For the last year I… Read More

T spine MRI maybe lesion?*

Hi, I have not not been diagnosed yet but have several symptoms and have periventricular and cortical lesions on the brain MRI. I am 36. I had a negative cervical MRI and a negative lumbar puncture so my neuro is just watching. They didn’t do a thoracic MRI but I have the MS hug symptoms terribly! So my pcp… Read More

What am I going to do?

I'm 33. I have just been released from the hospital with a diagnosis of MS. I can't feel the floor under my feet, which leads to balance issues, but then, I was clumsy to begin with. :)  I also can't feel my lady bits as well as I used to, making it harder to have a fulfilling sex life.  I'm telling the world… Read More

Still Nothing*

Hello, so first a little background. For almost two years now I've been dealing with pain. Starting at first in the joints of my knees and hips to now being spread throughout my body. When it first began I was told it was probably inflamation due to my Graves Disease and nothing else was done about it. At first… Read More

Should I fire my neurologist?*

I posted this last week on my first thread but no one replied... I'm guessing that because the thread is old, no one or very few people checked it. I'm new to this site and not sure how this software handles subscriptions and notifications. Anyway, with apologies to anyone who already saw it and just didn't… Read More

Scared and Confused!!!*

Hi All, I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 5 years ago. Since that diagnosis, I have had episodes of what I now know is Trigeminal Neuralgia, the Llhermittes sign, intermittent paresthesia and weakness in my legs, arms and hands, and neck and shoulders. I just always told myself its… Read More


I wish I had gotten up to talk with you yesterday. I am sorry that I didn’t. I remember coming into an infusion suite where people are acting as if sitting around with an iv stuck in their arm was a normal thing and being so overwhelmed. I had my first episode in 1990 but was not diagnosed until I had a second… Read More

Spinal Tap*

Hello everyone, I have a long history with MS as my mom died from complications associated with her MS, my uncle is currently living with MS and their cousin also has MS. I have recently started exhibiting symptoms that may be MS and will be getting my first MRI on Wednesday. If they find concerning results, I… Read More