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Possible / New Diagnosis

Possible MS*

Hi everyone!! I am a 29 year old generally healthy female. I went to my primary physician because I had some issues with my left leg and arm falling asleep. In addition to a couple times falling due loss of balance, and my whole top left eyelid has been twitching something fierce off and on.  Doctors ran blood… Read More

What should I know when I go?*

Hi there! Well I did it, I was finally brave and made the call! That was a huge step for me. I have an appointment at the Mellen MS center in Cleveland. I don't think I'm afraid of being told I have MS. I believe I have made peace with it if that's what it is. I am more afraid of these great, nationally ranked… Read More


A couple of weeks ago I received test results from my neurologist that my MRI indicated MS. He has scheduled me for more testing but I have not webt I'm terrified. I did research on the symptoms and I do have some of them, quite a bit actually. My question is what are some of your symptoms? What made you go to… Read More

Possible MS, help?*

I am a 25 year old female, 1 year postpartum-- and within this time I have started to experience symptoms that when searched through databases I can only seem to bring up MS, and a brain tumor (which I am not to concerned about). I have visited my PCP who has set me up with two specialists, for my hearing (not… Read More

So much unknown *

So my symptoms started with low back pain in November. I feel as though I have gone through so many treatments and test in the last 7 months that as of right now it's a guessing game for all of my doctors...but here's my background (it's a long story)... In November I had horrible debilitating hip/low back… Read More

Possibly MS*

About 3 months ago I started having symptoms, which got me a referral to a neurologist. My symptoms are as follows: Tremors in my hands, muscle spasms in my legs, face and upper back, pins and needle sensations, numbness in my feet and lower leg, also in my face, some memory problems, inability to process… Read More

Dilemma of symptoms *

Hello everyone, I'm seeking some support and advice from this wonderful group of people. For 3 months now I have been having some tingling in my left leg and numbness in toes I also have some weakness in it but it's not limiting, it just gets too tired when trying to work out and I'm always conscious of a… Read More

Symptom and waiting time*

Hi, I have been reading various discussion topic and have also joined Newly Diagonised group. However I need help in the next step. I was diagnosed with MS in MId July 2013. I have been through a brain and C-spine MRI. I am awaiting Spine tap now. My doc wants to wait on spinal tap to confirm MS prior to… Read More

No Clear Answers...need guidance! *

Hi everyone, My name is Kelly and I am 22 years old. For the past three years or so I have been having symptoms and continuing to get new symptoms which as an avid self-diagnoser/Google-er can all be early signs of MS. I am not entirely sure which symptoms (if any) are actually related to one another but… Read More

New Here - Question about symptoms*

Hi all, I have about 90% of the symptoms of MS. Several doctors indicated it seems likely, though I do not yet meet the requirements for a medical diagnosis. I will likely tackle some of the other issues later. **For now... my last MRI showed the development of lesions on my brain stem ("pontine lesions"). My… Read More


Heya! This is going to probably get rather lengthy, but I was hoping to get some opinions from people who have dealt with MS (and maybe people who are familiar with fibromyalgia as well?).  Starting in 2014 I began having strange aches and pains, and began to have problems with fatigue in the mid-afternoons… Read More


My neuro recently diagnosed me with rrms but also told me that the symptoms I have now will never go away. That I should learn to use my left hand to write and accept the pain and issues I have elsewhere. That this is the best it's gonna get. I'm reading stuff on here about people being diagnosed and living… Read More

Might be ms? Help?*

Hello! I am 19 years old and born and raised in Colorado. My Dad has ms. My problems began two years ago, my entire body began to severely itch, but no rashes or dry skin. It was worse on my legs and back especially in the heat and at night. I was given allergy medicine but it's been two years and I still have… Read More

Think I have the early symptoms.*

My mother has MS (her face has permanent damage/change and she walks with a limp) and was told by my physician to be on the look out late for any signs she has it and we'd address them at that time.  The last week I've had this weird numb/tingling in the front of my shin and through my foot and also a warm/hot… Read More


Hello,  ​My name is Rebecca. I am 31 years old and after about a year of working with doctors and no real health insurance I am still dealing with convulsions/tremors/facial numbness/constipation/tingling in my hands and feet, pain my ribs, my neck, back, legs, hands, I mean it moves around a lot, but I get… Read More


I don't know that I have MS, but I have most of the symptoms so my physicians are highly suspicious. Because of an implantable device, I cannot have an MRI which is really mucking up the works. I am moving toward having the device surgically removed to then enable an MRI be done and hopefully get a diagnosis so… Read More


After suffering with "muscle spasms", headaches, vision disturbances and impaired balance for over 5 years, I finally found a doctor who heard my cries for help. Multiple E.R. visits proved useless, doctor after doctor telling me there's nothing wrong with me, time and again subjected to a battery of tests that… Read More

Possible MS*

I am going to try my best to keep this short however after a 8 year battle with whatever is happening this will be difficult. One day I woke up nauseated, figured I had a flu bug about two weeks later I still was nauseated then I started getting anxiety and panic attacks which I have never had in my life. About… Read More

Long-time sick, new diagnosis......*

My official MS dx was 1-25-17, I am 59.  I was 26 when I had my first bout with paralysis.... Changes in health care, insurance, and doctors over the years brought several diagnosis, surgeries, and years of being told it was all in my head, and worse.... The last Dr, if he can be called that, let me suffer for… Read More