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  • scole89
    so about 10 months ago I lost the vision in my one eye.  It did come back but because I was pregnant at the time I had to have an mri,  on the mri they seen a lesion, so it was recommended that I do a follow up after having my son.  Needless to say life got busy and I wasn’t worried.  Well I tried to follow up immediately following having him before I started working again and got the worst neurologist on the planet i think.  He ate clam chowder sitting in the floor with his shirt unbuttoned and told me it was because I have my period, his office was like a shed and he had Las Vegas posters I gave up.  About 4 months ago while working I noticed when I put my helmet down I couldn’t keep my balance ( I am a welder) so it was a little concerning, but nothing too crazy and I let it go, two months ago things got a lot worse, my vision is now terrible, I can’t keep my balance, I’m having memory issues pretty badly.  Some things I’m not sure are related but it seems like big equipment in working on is moving even though it’s not, and I’m so easily started anymore it’s like I’m constantly jumping.  I’ve been having some bad muscle cramps in my ribs that take my breath away and half of my face is numb.  I got a shock in my neck and then it went numb and it hasn’t come back, that was last month.  So I had another mri that showed an 8mm lesion along with some more foci in the white matter.  The report said to investigate me, small vessel ischemic disease, Lyme, and migraine.  I never get headaches and my Lyme was negAtive.  Is there anything I can do to help these symptoms, it’s getting difficult and unsafe for me to do my job.  
  • aprilday
    I know it is time consuming and frustrating, but I would keep looking for good doctors. In the meantime, consider doing all you can through diet, exercise, and sleep. I think the Whals Protocol is great, and her research is very compelling. 
  • maria1
    call the national ms society and get a referall to a neurologist.

    Try tensing a muscle, hold it for five seconds then relax it, move on to another muscle. Drink plenty of water, practice deep breathing from the diaphram. I dont know the Whals diet but what you eat is important, vegetables and fruit, real food, no junk. 
  • Avatar
    That sounds so frustrating.  You definitely need to get a second opinion.