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  • scole89
    so i went to my appointment today with a new neurologist for the lesions and balance/numbness issues ive been having.  He is concerned it is ms and i have to go for a limb test and vision test as well as a cervical mri.  The appointment went well but i apparently failed the rohmberg test, both standing and tandem walking and have reflex abnormalities.  He cleared me to work but not at heights which is worriesome because i fear i may loose my job being that all the work i do is at heights.  I didnt realize how bad it was though until i about fell over standing with my eyes closed and the tandem walking looked ridiculous, i mean i could not do it, i tried but it was like my body was contorted and i had tremors all over.  Is this common with ms? He said if i have a lesion in my spine that he can give the diagnosis and start treatment but if i dont i will have to go to an ms specialist.  Anyone have these issues too? 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Certainly you could have Ms. Important to note that Ms can mimic other illnesses. Make sure he does bloodwork to rule out 'Lymes Disease' for example, as that's one of the conditions that has Ms type symptoms associated with it. I was diagnosed in late July of last year via a brain MRI, C-spine MRI & Spinal Tap. My brain MRI showed lots of Ms type lesions & the spinal tap revealed high levels of  protein 'o' bands normally associated with Ms. My neurologist who's great but not an Ms specialist, believes I've had Ms for sometime. He is very knowledgeable & was able to diagnose me quickly. I first saw him in June of last year. In my case my first Ms type symptom that gave me concern was awaking in mid May of last year with an obvious speech slurring issue & my right lower jaw felt stiffer then it should be, my smile was also downturned. This lasted at least a month.

    Signs and symptoms of MS can include:
    Muscle weakness, stiffness or cramps
    Tingling, numbness or pain in your body
    Tremor (shaking) in your arms or legs
    Loss of balance
    Problems walking or moving your arms or legs
    Speech problems
    Vision problems
    Fatigue (feeling tired all the time)
    Bladder or bowel problems
    Thinking and memory problems

    There are more symptoms then that are in this list but it gives you a good idea of them. In my case heat or stress can trigger worse symptoms. Generally I am always tired & always itchy (feel like bugs are crawling on my whether they are or aren't). Also I pee way too much & get IBS. Last but not least I get the heavy legs/ gait issues, brain fog/memory issues, depression/anxiety, OCD, insomnia, numbness & tingling in hands, feet & legs, issues gripping objects securely with hands, dry mouth, back & neck pain & stiffness, limb weakness & fatigue, language/ speech issues, ringing in my ears, the Ms hug & I get short fleeting dizzy spells & vision disturbances every so often. Of course those are far from all my symptoms. As for your symptoms they could be Ms & given the lesions they may very well be. Only your neurologist can say for sure. If I can be of any more help, feel free to connect with me on here & drop me an email.

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  • MS_Navigators
    Hi scole89-

    Here are the diganostic criteria for MS- obviously none of us here could guess at a diagnosis for you, but you can review the specificis of what it takes clinically for a diagnosis of MS:

    Diagnostic Criteria

    If you're in need of an MS specialists, you can search here, as well:

    Partners in MS Care

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