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  • kbaker120
    My 30 year old son has had issues for probably ten years.. It started with prostatitis.  Down the road he complained about his eyes but that seemed to get resolved. He complained about his ears ringing but they did a catscan and that was normal. He'd complained about dry eyes. The doctor gave him some meds for it. He started college and I don't remember much after that except that he did say his shoulder was bothering him and he went to a physical therapist. He thought maybe he pulled a muscle because he was working out a lot back then. I remember one time at his primary doctor's office, I asked could he have MS and he said no, that if he had a catscan, it would've shown something if it was ms. One time he had numbness in his face and pins and needles and the doctor mentioned sinus. He went to the ER on two separate occasions and one was attributed to a workout energy drink and the other that he hadn't weaned himself off a certain medication. I see why so many stories of people who continuously go to a doctor but can't get a diagnosis. He's had problems with inflammation the last several months and it seems to persist and his new primary sent him to a rheumatologist but they said it wasn't anything they could do. And when he went back to the primary, he didn't even ask him about how he was doing. I had to suggest maybe he should see a neurologist. I blame myself for a lot of this. I feel surely there's something I could've done. What did I miss? Was I with my head in the sand? I feel a lot of guilt. 

    He is saying to me that he thinks it's probably too late to help him. That he probably ignored symptoms too long. I feel that maybe he just never got treated for what he actually has. I feel confused and don't know what to think. I hear of stories of people going for 10 or more years and they get diagnosed and they get on meds and some of their symptoms sound like really terrible symptoms. I just wish I didn't have this feeling of hopelessness, but hearing him say it's probably nothing that can help him breaks my heart.. Is my son just thinking the worst saying maybe it's too late for him? Could there be hope that he could get some treatment to ease his problems even if he may have had ms for a number of years?  Am I making any sense?

    We've always had a job and insurance but the last year my husband nor my son has worked or has insurance. So, that's another worry. Perhaps there is financial help somewhere..I guess I'll figure this all out somehow. I find myself thinking I just can't believe we're in this boat. Not long ago our lives seemed so good and now it feels like it's horrible. I've never felt such anxiety and fear. Thanks for listening. 
  • maria1
    k, I am sorry you are in this boat and am glad you are here chatting with us. My suggestion is to call the National ms society and speak with a navigator to get a referal to a neurologist, you can arrange in advance a payment plan, one you can afford, but you must keep it up. I paid for an mri %50 a month forever when I didnt have insurance, most institutions will accept small payments as long as you keep them up.

    Since ms is 'rare' a lot of md's dont know how to diagnose it, nor treat it, that is why the society is so important to us.

    There is no cure yet, for ms but there are medications to slow the progression and relieve some symptoms so your son my have some options for relief. We with ms have learned that it takes a while to get answers so we keep plodding along, we 'hurry up and wait'. Seriously, call the society they have a data base of what is available for you in the area where you live.
  • kbaker120
    Thanks, Maria..I wish I could have your positive attitude. I'm trying. I just feel like it must be something I did for this to happen. I can't help but feel guilty. I will call them. He actually saw a neurologist who has referred him for an scan. Guess we'll figure this out somehow.
  • maria1
    Feeling guilty makes it about you, makes the attention about you, so okay, it IS your fault, your genes, your lifestyle, your habits, you did everything wrong, that is why this is happening, feel better?

    Some people think illness is caused by errors made, wrong turns in life, screw ups, humbug to that. It's like playing spin the bottle, sometimes you get to kiss a pig.

    Besides that, we all get to experience some good stuff in our lives and some not so good stuff, the idea is to enjoy the good stuff and be grateful for the good stuff cause for sure we all get some of the not so good stuff.

    Life is a series of challenges. 

    Let's see - today I shall feel sorry for myself, i shall wallow in self pity so I can see how miserable I can feel, yuck, the half empty glass is half full and I can drink all it has to offer or pine for more. I am loved and I love, what else is important? A roof over my head, food on the table, yeah it aint a steak but it is nourishing. 

    I remember being broke living on potatoes borrowing from everyone then some how without anything I did, things turned around, dont add to the pile, drink plenty of water, practice deep breathing exercises, practice smiling, hug your family and give them the love they need to get through this.

    And tell me to mind my own business.