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  • weepytrees
    Last year i went to my doctor with MS symptoms. she completely denied me and referred me to a psychologist. eventually after 3 or 4 visits throughout the year of me telling her about my concerns, she sent me to physical therapy. if it weren’t for my PT’s concern, i would have never gotten the MRI which revealed 3 active lesions on my neck. 

    Two weeks ago I got diagnosed with MS. (after 2 other MRI’s and 7 lesions later) 

    i am completely broken. i’m 24 years old and i haven’t got my life together yet. i have never felt this hopeless before. i’ve always been a hypochondriac and had undiagnosed depression and anxiety, but never to this extreme. i’ve been so stressed i’ve sent myself to the hospital, and since then my symptoms have progressed rapidly. i can’t stop thinking about all the posibilities of MS symptoms. as an artist, going blind is the scariest thought. i hyper focus everytime i swallow. i have extreme migraines every day. 

    i dont know what to do. i can’t do anything i love anymore. no one truly understands what i’m going through in my life. they say positive messages but it’s annoying because everything is so much easier said than done.

    i’m at a loss here. my depression and anxiety are eating me alive. my future seems dark and scary. i want to come above this. i’m no quitter, so why is this so hard? 

    how long does it truly take for this to set in? it’s so easy to feel like it’s going to be like this forever. i’m losing hope. 
  • grimey1
    I read your message and feel very simular I have always felt like I have plenty of time till MS smacked me in the Head I only have one rule left dont Quit I see people quiting all around me Now I feel like a quiter to since I have just taken FMLA from my great job I worked my while life for! My brain is covered in Fog and uncertainty
    This Sucks No Quiting Character
    Jared 35 Diag. 33 Hurtin whole life
    Lose vision lucky only in one at 24 it came Back
    When a possibilty is blindness and a wheelchair it can be alittle challenging to Fight
    They Just dont get it!
  • maria1
    Losing what you love to do sucks, I was stuck there for a long time. I hated to give up what I wanted to do, what I loved to do. Skiing was my joy until nerve damage in my leg wouldnt get it turn turn and I went skiing off the slope into the trees.

    Symptoms abate, I was bllind in one eye now it is almost perfect! The leg isnt better but I can walk. 

    Oxygen is important to releive ms symptoms, drink plenty of water, practice deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxing techniques.

    Check out the post: Take Charge of My MS, it will help you to change your thinking to helpful thoughts instead of unhelpful thoughts.

    Also, think about falling in love with something else. I learned how to ride a horse and enjoyed that and at 61 I learned how to sew. Learning something new is rewarding.

    So,  my art is different because I am color blind in one eye so my combinations are very different, unique.

    Unless you are a welder art should still be possible for you, what is stopping you?
  • kbaker120
    Hi Weepytrees, I'm kind of new to this site. I think my son may have MS but hasn't gotten a diagnosis yet. I certainly understand how you feel with the ups and downs of it all. I have been going through that a lot myself worrying about my kid. It is so hard! I know what you mean about people saying positive stuff too. Sometimes you just feel like you've been hit between the eyes with something like this and while it's good to be positive, it's not always easy to do. I think it's human nature to think the worst or what could be. I know I've been doing that a lot lately. I have many days I just feel devastated and I keep asking why is this happening to us!. I get very depressed too worrying about it all. You say it's only been two weeks. Maybe give yourself a little more time   I'm sorry you're going through this and I can  relate to your struggles and anxiety. I think it does help to know people are out there who understand what you're going through. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Good Morning,

    It sounds like you are dealing with a lot!

    You may find that discussing these feelings with others living with MS may be helpful. If you decide you'd like to attend a group in your area, you can search here: Find a Support Group.

    Its so common to feel like no one understands, which is why we have a brochure around that topic: But You Look So Good. With "invisible" diseases, it can be tricky to explain what it is like to live with these symptoms. 

    It also sounds like you might want to ask about a referral to an Occupational Therapist, since you are already seeing a PT. OTs can help you figure out ways to do the hobbies and other activities you loved with adaptive equipment and other techniques.

    If you ever have questions, please call to speak to an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867 Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MT.

    Warm Regards,
    MS Navigator 
  • mkaymkaymkay
    Hi. First of all, i know its not much help and often annoying but im sorry youre going through this. I was diagnosed myself this May, and i turned 24 a couple of months ago. So i was 23, it was a couple of weeks before finals, i had papers & presentations due, had personal & domestic issues and now i had unstoppable migraine, numbness, tingling & weakness all over . I also have undiagnosed depression which i refuse to go to the psychologist for because i dont want to meddle with antidepressants. It was the scariest months of my life but i found a good ms specialist/neurologist at last and she has been very clear, informative and open about everything with me. She tried to talk to me about my depression but i told her i want to try natural things first like exercise and doing things i enjoy. But its still hard & no one actually understands. I was actually glad a little because i at last found out why im always tired, foggy, exhausted and just stuck in someone else’s body type of feeling. I would wish to be reborn in a more energized body but now i know about my condition, i try to take things one step at a time. I suggest you find a good specialist, even if you have to go to multiple before you find the right one, do it. Take care of yourself and dont except anything less from your doctor. Your neurologist should’ve taken your concerns seriously. I learned as many others have told me you have to advocate for yourself as a patient because most of the doctors are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies and they will try to push certain medications or treatments on you. Find a good doctor, talk about treatment and research it for yourself too. If i write my whole story itll be an essay lol, but know that you’re not alone.  Good luck! 
  • mkaymkaymkay