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  • alexanderlaurie
    Hi, all -
    My 45-year-old sister was just diagnosed with MS, and I'm helping her figure out where to go for treatment once she gets out of the hospital, which should be in the next couple days.

    I see that in Seattle we are lucky to have 3 MS centers -- Swedish, UW, and Virginia Mason. I'm trying to find out more about what these different centers are like. Do they speicalize in certain types of treatment or have different treatment approaches or philosophies? Are some more involved in research than others? Are some more open to alternative / complementary approaches than others? Are some better at providing a team-based approach to care? And for any of the centers, are there any particularly fantastic neurologists or other providers who stand out?

    Ultimately, I'm hoping for recommendations for where my sister can connect with a compassionate and comprehensive team. Thank you for your help!
  • NancyRust

    I'm in Seattle and was diagnosed last year.  I tried Swedish (Dr. Xian) but didn't find her to be a good fit for me.  I've ended up at Virginia Mason with Dr. McCarthy and I really like him.  He's kind and attentive and he's been totally ok with me taking a "wait and see" approach to the more invasive treatments at this point. 

    He's responsive to email inquiries (responds within a day or has a nurse call if it's more urgent) and they have a great scheduling team (I'm going for my next round of full MRIs in November and they set it up so that I will get to see him an hour later on the same day).  It's not as fancy of a facility as Swedish (by far!!) but that's not as important to me as having a neurologist who I'm comfortable with for the long haul.  

    Happy to answer any other questions that I can.  I'm pretty new to all of this still so there might be others who can chime in with more info.