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  • ccmomma

    I am middle aged and have had auto-immune symptoms most of my life (like Raynaud’s, facial skin problems and GI issues). I also have PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions), vericose veins and sometimes have a sensation in my legs, while standing, that you get when you are in a fast moving elevator and you arrive at your floor- like a slight floating up then down. But in the last year I started getting strange pains throughout my body and sensations that felt like sharp, quick pains and sometimes dull, lingering pains. These would come and go, feeling as though they were in my muscles or veins, mostly in my legs. I would also get a very sharp pain at the top of one of my feet, where the thickest part of the foot is- above the arch. It is like a sharp, cramping feeling. It lasts maybe 5-10 minutes with some relief moments in between. It’s now starting to do the same on my other foot. I’ve had the electrical shock sensations in my body and neck before. I should mention that I have been under a lot of stress this past year. I also had some medical issues going on which required a laparoscopic exploratory surgery in my upper right abdomen- which ended up being adhesions needing to be released/removed. Regardless of this procedure, I still have pains and strange sensations in that area of my abdomen also (I had my gallbladder removed 11 years ago). My mid back hurts often, sometimes it’s debilitating. I get the electric shock sensations near my mid back and abdomen where my chronic pain is.  I also had an upper endoscopy in which the Gastroenterologist said I have celiac disease, but my biopsy was negative, however the blood test was positive. I’ve had a positive ANA (speckled) in past years’ tests. In the past 6 months I feel like I’ve been hit with a freight train of symptoms which really seem to me like MS. I’ll start with the usual suspects: true fatigue, brain fog, word searching, feeling aloof/not as caring, disorganized thoughts/actions, bladder issues (going A LOT, sometimes feeling movement/pressure in bladder), this is where I *think* it’s MS symptoms also but I have yet to hear this exact way for others with MS to describe the sensations: a cold (like cold metal) localized feeling in my veins, organs occasionally occurring. I get these and alternating pains and sensations all over my body, ranging from pain feeling like it’s just under my skin, to in my bones, to in my organs, to in my eyes. I currently have what looks like Scleritis and sounds like ocular neuritis - vision is blurring off and on, eyes feel dry/gritty in affected area where it’s red and bloodshot, and also feeling like my actual eyeball veins are twitching. What used to be just my thumb twitching occasionally is now all of my limbs taking turns twitching occasionally. I don’t know if that’s consider spasticity? My forearms and legs feel weaker. My hands feel like they’re losing their fine dexterity. I’ve actually missed the light switch several times when going to turn it off, my finger goes to the side of the switch. I get pains in my lymphatic areas. I’ve also (to top it all off) have had a few episodes where I felt I didn’t have enough oxygen and could pass out at anytime- but only while standing up. I’ve also got symptoms of Eagle’s Syndrome so I’m thinking that might be the reason for syncope along with a slight numb feeling inside my mouth. Can anyone relate? I have my first neurology appointment this week. I’m scared. One thing I really do not want is an MRI with contrast. I’ve had 2 MRI’s with gadolinium before (for other reasons) and the last one was 6 months ago. So it concerns me if I’m experiencing MS or gadolinium deposition!

  • maria1
    cc, It sure sounds like all your nerves are driving you crazy. I have ms and fibromyalgia, so nerves really give me a pain! Did a trip to the md three days ago, four hours in the car plus time in the office and I am still feeling all the nerves in ,my back, neck , legs and arms(is there any place else left?) driving me crazy. Like everything else about the body, there has to be a process of elimination, it isnt this, it isnt that, therefore it must be.... There are so many variables, it is amazing to me that they can figure anything out. 

    All I can say, is be kind to yourself, try not to tense your muscles all the time they will get the nerves annoyed quickly if the muscles stay tense, and will keep misfiring. Sometimes massage will help, sometimes heat, sometimes cool. And sometimes just knowing that the nerves are playing mind games is a relief, knowing you are not going crazy just your nerves acting out.

    Also think about using your imagination in a different way, it has been said that worry is a misuse of imagination. See if you can distract yourself and get some rest, it alwasy helps.