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  • sevenlbs
    Here's the short version of my story: diagnosed w/ Lyme 3 years ago, symptoms consistent and getting worse with a brief period (about 9 months) of reprise -- new doc is looking into MS due to intensifying & worrying cognitive symptoms

    My biggest symptoms are extreme fatigue, neck and back joint pain, memory loss, processing speed issues, word recall issues, sequencing issues, 0 focus, GI, bladder

    Ive been sick with something like the flu for 2 weeks with low grade fevers - and my cognitive symptoms are scaring me 

    I have a MRI scheduled 2 weeks from now -- i guess my main question is is there any point in pushing to have it sooner? I feel miserable being in this limbo & afraid I've made all of this mess up 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Lymes definately mirrors Ms symptoms. My suggestion is to get the MRI of your brain with contrast. Possibly get a spinal tap if there are lesions found via the MRI that are suspicious with Ms. I don't see the need to push it for sooner but I am not a doctor of course. I'd discuss this further with your neurologist.
  • dddizzy
    low grade fever, joint pain, and memory issues reminds me of Lupus. Have your Dr do blood work for Lupus as another thing to rule out.