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Possible / New Diagnosis

Symptoms won’t stop spreading! *

My husband started having symptoms 9 days ago, diagnosed 7 days ago and went through 5 days of IV steroids. His symptoms keep spreading??? Dr doesn’t know why they haven’t stopped spreading and ordered more MRI’s for tomorrow. Any ideas? We know it will take time for symptoms to go away but we can’t get them to… Read More

Absolute nightmare *

Hi folks basically I’ve been diagnosed with ms and am still in hospital I got two weeks of physcio left then it’s back out to the reall world Amm im fairly scared and sorta feel like I’m going out of my mind here basically a chat with people who went through the same at a fairly young age would be helpful I’m… Read More


Ok so I guess I should start with some back info, about 4 years ago I had woke up and had no use of my left arm, I thought that it was due to sleeping on it the wrong way. I waited for 2 days before going to the doctor about it, then when I went for it they sent me for a CT scan and said that they "thought" it… Read More

New diagnosis ... doing okay?*

I was diagnosed with RRMS less than a month after I turned 26. I have really truly found that speaking to others has helped me in a lot of ways. knowing what I know now, I think it gives me even more drive. To push through everyday stronger than I was before. Take those “power naps” when I need them. Eating… Read More

"Pre" Diagnosis*

I was given a "pre" diagnosis of MS. I havent seen much info on a pre diagnosis. Has anyone else been given this?  I went to my lasty appointment telling my doc I was ready to stop the search. Tests were all normal. Except for the MRI. She said the thing that threw them off, the gp and neuro, was the lesions… Read More

What kind of MS do I have?*

I was diagnosed with MS in September 2017, after a long period of thinking I was crazy, no one really beleiving me, including my family doctor.  I started crying when I found a doctor that believed me and sent me for an MRI, and then my MS was discovered, followed by spinal tap and many other tests.  I was told… Read More

New to this :(*

On thanksgiving 2017 my whole right side went numb, by December 6th i was in the hospital for 5 days of steroids...then 3 weeks of oral at home... I am very lucky for the recovery I have had but this this MS has sent me in to full on depression that I have been fighting for years. I have spent almost everyday… Read More

First MRI tomorrow to rule out MS*

Hey guys, I'm pretty nervous about having my first MRI tomorrow of my brain to test for MS. I just wanted to ask you if any of you have any tips at all? I was told I didn't have to do anything to prepare but the last time I had an MRI for my neck I was in so much pain just holding still. What helps you guys… Read More

New to Treatment*

Hi all! I am newly diagnosed and am in the beginning stages of medication and management of my symptoms. I had a solumedrol treatment back in November to deal with initial lesions and a relapse, but since my doctor has tried to take things slow with me in regards to medication. As of right now I take a… Read More

Newly Diagnosed*

Hello, I was diagnosed November 2017. I saw a neurologist this week who ran some blood work. My vitamin D came back low and my TSH level was high. He is referring me to an Endocrinologist. Has anyone else had a high TSH level and low vitamin D with multiple sclerosis? Just trying to sort this whole thing out.  Read More

Apologizing to all*

I feel like a whiner! I read your replies and other discussions on here and I am literally embarrassed to complain! Most of you have fought this for a long time and deal with it somehow. You all are a great inspiration and troopers for sure. Thank you for all your comments, advice and cheerful outlooks! I… Read More

just got back my MRI results...*

hey guys im brand new, just got back my MRI results and have had MS on my list of suspected ailments for some time. about 4 months ago my left leg started going numb and now is almost completely numb most of the time. have also had swelling in the right side of my face that i thought was sinus related, but it… Read More

New symptoms keep on coming*

Last 2 years have been a nightmare and it just gets worse. My life has been completely turned upside down. My symptoms started in 2008, with overheating and numbness in hands and feet. Absolutely cannot tolerate heat, not even a hot shower. I got worse by 2011 and had MRI and LP. Diagnosis was "Possible MS". I… Read More

Possible MS in 21 year old female*

okay so I’ve been having probelms for the past 3 years. I’ve had 2 pregnancies with in those 2 years and try to convince myself it was all pregnancy related and when I would mention nerve pain and certain symptoms to my OB she said it’s probably pregnancy related until symptoms didn’t go away several months… Read More

MRI results *

I am just looking for some opinions on my MRI report.  I am typing this exactly how it is on the report (run on sentences and lack of punctuation is copied verbatum).  ​Impression:  ​Nonspecific nonenhancing punctate inferior right frontal T2 FLAIR hyperintensities, most likely relating to chronic… Read More