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  • sjnorris89
    I love that quote.!! I have MS but MS doesnt have me.. After reading this im tearing up.  This made my day. thank you 
  • Hank
    I  was diagnosed at 54, which was 20 years ago.  Have primary progressive MS, which is a real creeper.
  • mrsg2013
    I was just diagnosed last week at the age of 36..... Something like 20 lesions on the MRI after totally blind in left eye with optic neuritis.  Total shocker.  Still kinda glad to know why I had bizzaro health issues( mis-diagnosed) now explained.  Haven't started any meds but had steroids introvenously for three days.  Still have pain but better.  Curious about the future, but have made plans for re-prioritizing my life and changing from my high stress job to less stressful one and exercise for the first time in my choice left but to laugh and make fun of my scrambled brains and fuzzy vision qs I wink at the world.....
  • Kiki04

    I was 35, my daughter was diagnosed at 15. The age spread in this post just proves it can hit at any age.

  • bigboysmom
    I was just dx this year at the age of 29. I have most likely have had it for at least 10 years. I was told i was hysteral at best. that the issue I had at 18 was a condition women in their twenty migh have if it didn't go away by thirty to come back. There was nothing wrong with your eyes, have a nice day. You eat to many apples and so on.

    Only reason I was dx was I had a seizure and found decent doctors who acutally cared and still do. I too am releaved!!!

    (sorry eye sight is off)
  • koucla1

    I was 21 when is was dx. there were no MRIs and very little info . That was in 1975 and I had been having a rough go of it for two years prior.  The prognoises was that I would most probably continue to worsen and walking again was a dream. I'm super glad they were wrong,,yes I have MS and Yes I am back on my feet . and now we even have meds...progress looks better every day...

  • natasha77
    I was just diagnosed last month. I am 28 and trying to still get a grip on what's going on.
  • Accidentalmtngirl
    I was diagnosed earlier this year at the age of 52. To the best of anyone's knowledge, I probably had my "first" flare at the age of 31 when I experienced several weeks of double vision and vertigo. After a clean neurological exam, I was referred to an ENT specialist who treated me for labrynthitis or middle ear issues. I could not drive for two months but eventually everything returned to normal and besides periodic dizzy spells which again were attributed to my ear, I was symptom free until March 2012. Like you, the MS diagnosis was the best of the three possible conditions that I was tested for! I'm still struggling with some apparently permanent nerve damage but all in all, I believe now that my past issues now have real meaning and I no longer think of myself as a weak person. In fact, I've done amazingly well considering what was glaring evidence on my recent MRI. The best part is that I can now give myself permission to take it easy from time to time!
  • Avatar
    24.  It sucked.  Still fighting 12 years later! 
  • seenjo11
    I was 45. Diagnosed 4.4.12. I was going for my first PT appt. for my sciatica and the therapist, after giving me the basic reflex and balance tests and watching me walk, told me I should see a neurologist. I did. And the MRI clinched it: MS & sciatica. Scrolling through one's own MRI film is an amazing thing I must say. Best wishes.
  • wjhalpin
    When my neurologist was confirming the diagnosis from the radiologist, she had me sit at her monitor as she scrolled through, pointing out all the white spots that are lesions and explaining why their location on the brain meant MS. It was a weird experience. She was nice but I just felt really weird looking at pictures of my brain with its issues.
  • cpgogo
    I was diagnosed at 21. I was in my junior year of college. It just so happens that when I was in high school, my mom was diagnosed with MS. So we are a mother/daughter duo w/ MS. We both have relapsing remitting. I am now 41. I have been on Tysabri for 3 and a half years which has kept me stable. Also, my husband has MS. We met at a MS Support Group meeting. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past June. MS does NOT have us! Yes, we may have struggles but together we overcome!!
  • sara1213


    that is very interesting. I was diagnosed my last year of high school, age 18, and my mom also was diagnosed when I was in high school.

  • tracy-short
    In November 1998, I was 31, newly engaged, was moving into my new condo, and had just been sworn in as a member of the State Bar of Texas when I went legally blind in both eyes. Enlarged Blind Spot they called it. My MRI and Neuro exam were both perfect so the Dr.s thought something was wrong with my retinas. By Christmas I could see to drive but not to read. In January 1999, I went to work for a former boss at his accounting firm to help out through Tax Season. On April 15 while rushing to make copies of returns yet to be mailed I dropped a paper on the floor behind the copier. When I bent over it was a pain like a high voltage electric shock, so sharp and sudden I almost couldn't stand back up. The pain was in my boob so I thought it might be breast cancer. Then the pain moved to under my arm so I thought I had lymphoma, then the pain moved to my ribs and I thought this can't be either of those. I had to tell my boss that I was still at a walk in clinic on my lunch break. I had to tell him why I was at the Dr and he said leave and I will make you an appointment with my best friend (who happened to be a neurosurgeon). The MRI of my brain, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine all had lesions.  I felt like I had been hit in the face with a 2 by 4.
  • Kacy
    I'm 29 years old and was diagnosed about a month ago. Last December the entire right side of my face started twitching uncontrollably. I soon realized the twitch was constant and wasn't even stopping when I was asleep. I went to my general doctor, tried a few things that didn't work, got an MRI, got recommended to a neurologist a week later, he suspected MS because of the apparent lesions, but was curious about my symptom. Out of the 1,000 MS patients he's had in his practicing years, he's never met one who presented with a twitchy face...ha ha ha. Hey, when I show up, I show up in style.

    Anyway, waited 6 months, got another MRI, had one more pesky little lesion, and now we have our diagnosis. My face stopped twitching about 4 months ago, and so far I haven't had any new symptoms. I'm set to start the Laquinomod (sp?) trial mid-September if I qualify.

    I feel pretty lucky thus far, quick medical responses, pretty light symptom, quick diagnosis, potential pill on the treatment front. Also the hospital pipes my iPod music into the MRI for me. I think that's standard, but I've never had an MRI before this past year so to me that's pretty awesome.
  • hmickgarcia

    Hi Kacy,

    First of all, I ALMOST named my daughter exactly the same thing.  I have 14 year old twin girls, Katy and Ally, but I wanted Katy and Kacy.  I was outvoted dangit.

    Second, my most recent MS flare sounds similar to yours! (Just so you don't feel alone).  I was diagnosed in August/September of this year after an incident in July... first my lips started tingling and twicthing, then my eye, then my ear drum... the muscles on that side of my face started twisting upward, making it look like half my face was smiling.  It was very weird looking. :)  The good news was MS to me because I figured I had a brain tumor pressing on my facial nerve. 

    Anyway, nice to know someone has been through the same. :)

  • gj44
    Hi, I just turned 68 & was recently diagnosed although I've had symptoms for at leat 10 yrs.  Was told I had neuropathy & spinal problems.  Numerous MRIs & my current neurologist said he couldn't believe no one indicated MS before.  So I understand how you feel when you say you're relieved.
  • wooty

    Thank you, gi44.

    I'm 66 and waiting for my MRI results.  I've been having balance problems for years and, apparently, have cerebellar symtpoms that my GP told me are most likely "a stroke, a tumor, or MS".  

    Yikes.  Frankly, that made MS look pretty good to me :-)

    May I ask if you had any eye symptoms?  I do not, just balance/gait problems, some tingling, and some fatigue.  As it relates to fatigue, I'm not sleepy during the day, but I usually have to lie down for a couple of hours every day.

    I'm still struggling to believe I could get MS at my age (note: I do not have a diagnosis yet) but it's very helpful to read about the experience of others my age.

    Thank you.  


  • rockstreesminerals
    I was diagnosed at age 37, my first symptom started in 1998, my left leg went numb and I thought it was damage from years and years of sports. That lasted about 1 yr. Then the following year it went numb again. I went to a Dr. and they said it was nothing and I went on with my life. in 2011 I woke up with no vision in my right eye. I went to our local Walmart optical Dr. and he said I had optic neuritis and got me an appt. with a Neuro Opthamologist. The Neuro said we'll do a Mri and see whats going on.. I had several lesions and he said next we will do a mri of the spine and a lumbar puncture. At that point I asked what was going on to have a LP and thats the first time anyone ever suggested that it might be MS... LP came back with 9 Olig. bandings and my mri of spine showed lesions and a syrnix on my spine. Which was syringomyelia a different disabling condition. Anyway after a few evoke potentials they said it was RRMS and SM. I have now been on Avonex for 6 months and have had solumedrol infusions to help with vision.  Nothing can be done about the syrnix because of where it is.

  • Crouton
    I was diagnosed yesterday.  Needless to say, I am currently scared and confused.  Trying to figure it all out.

    I am 28, female.  It started about a month ago.  My feet went tingly, then it went up.  I could feel it in my side, one arm, and the pinky and ring finger on both hands.  First I went to urgent care,  I was told to get insoles and take a couple days off from work.  Still persisted, got myself a doctor.  She did blood tests and told me to go see a neurologist.   Blood tests negative, waiting till I can see the feet came back online, and for the most part so did my legs.  I had a day of close to normal, then my fingers started to hurt and then it spread to annoying most of my other fingers.  Now they feel extremely stiff and tingly, but i can still move them.  Its weird because Im not really feeling them.  My arms are both numbish now, starting to feel heavy...and then the MS hug is there.  Along weith feeling missing in my upper back.

    The lesions are currently in my brain and spinal column near the neck.  On monday I start steroids.  I go in 3 days in a row for 2 hours.  He may also do the spinal tap for good measure.  After this is over, we will be discussing medicine etc, but we arent there yet.

    No one in my family has ever had MS.  I had a great aunt who had ALS, which I found out from my dad after my appointment yesterday.  I guess I should be greatful that I dont have a brain tumor or ALS, but its still frightening and a lot to take in.