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  • Renee_Blessed
    I can so relate to your post. I was diagnosed at 43 yrs. in Feb. I blamed my symptoms on acid reflux, PMS, corporal tunnel, vertigo, diabetes, obesese. Finally when things came to a head and I could not walk nor remember what day it was I was finally diagnosed ( took 4mths). I think I've had MS for at least a decade or so. But I thank God I am now emotionally and fiancially ready to deal with the diagnosis. My oldest is in college and my youngest is 11. I don't have any little babies and my family helps me tremendously.I've been married for 21 yrs and working in teaching the same time. I know I'm blessed! God said Hebrew 3:5," Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you". I know God's got this!
  • jennifer_m
    I'm glad I found a post in which God's hand is acknowledged with an M.S. diagnosis. I was diagnosed last December at age 35, but according to my neurologist I actually had my first episode 9 years ago at work. All the strength went out of my legs and it was chalked up to stress. I was scared initially that it was cancer, but suspected M.S. for a year before the formal diagnosis was given to me. There was a certain relief and also gratitude that now the problems with my body had a name. So many prayers have gone up for me from dear friends and family. I've also developed a new sense of determination and strength, even though I still have my off days (with this illness, don't we all?) I'm still a bit sad that I have such a challenge, but I can't deny that Heavenly Father wouldn't give me such a challenge if there wasn't something good to come of it. Keep the faith!
  • beadyeyes
    I was diagnosed 11 years ago at age 53 I started on Copaxone back then and have continued with that all along. I'd gone about 6 years without a major flare until this past several monts. My last MRI showed new activity. I have a neuro appointment after Easter to discuss where to go from here.

    Funny, but I was also relieved to find that I had MS...I was thinking brain tumor or some other grave illness.

    I was thinking I had a brain tumor when i was admitted to a psych hospital and found out that I have MS!
    So...I'm not dyeing...
    This was in 1993, when I was 29.
  • Nana_or
    You have company. At 30, I was a maybe MS. The next episod was at 60. I was finally dx 5 weeks ago at age 69. O will begin Copaxon this week. It is a relief to know that all the weird things that happen is not just mystery symptoms.
  • jandj400
    I was 20 when diagnosed
  • livingmybest
    I was finally diagnosed diagnosed at 44, but it is suspected I have had MS for 15-20 years. Started Copaxone at first, but it stopped working so I am about to start Tysabri due to physical decline. BTW, if anyone needs Copaxone, I have 2 full boxes and most of a third that I won't be needing.
  • Jess
    I was 23 or 24 when I was diagnosed.  I also had vision problems - optic neuritis.  I went to an opthomologist and then next I believe it was the neuro opthomologist (I'm not 100% sure though)  Then I was referred to a neurologist and had a sinal tap to check my spinal fluids  and was diagnosed shortly after that.  I will never forget the spinal headache tht followed the next day!!!  :os
  • kimberlysj
    I too had a huge headache after my spinal tap. It lasted for days. The neurologist who did the procedure had said his patients never get a headache. Well that so wasn't true.!!!!
  • beth67
    I haven’t gotten a direct diagnosis I had a MRI and a Lumbar Puncture. I too needed up with thespinal headache. I needed up having to have a blood patch which I immediately got relief from the headache. The neurologist sent me to a specialist, which wanted another lumbar Puncture because the previous one had to much protein or blood in it. I had no problems with the second one. Even though I won’t get my results back until next month the neurologist told me she 98% sure I have MS. It all started with tremors in my hands and my feet burning and tingling. I now have tremors and spays I bad that my body aches. Sometimes my legs and arms feel as they have weights in them. Anyone else experience this.
  • pmsart
    I'm 63 now but was diagnosed at age 42 but I'm sure I had symptoms years earlier with inner ear infections (virtago or dizziness). I've had ms for 20 yrs now and doing okay. I have more pain now than I did years ago. I quit using my chair and use my walker even tho I'm slow. I'm retired and painting. taking a spanish class, etc. Just stay involved. Enjoy those grandchildren. Just keep on keeping on.  Be grateful to GOD for all that you DO have. 

    Hey, did you  notice it's almost a political advantage to have MS or have family with MS?
    Ann Romney never dramatized her's though. But did you notice how Michelle Obama talked about how pitiful her Dad or Grandad was and how he had to lift one leg and then the other to get in and out was it a car?" She was practicallyl crying.  Give me a break, I don't want pity, do you?  I'm just me - I'm not my ms.
    I'm glad though that MS is getting noticed and maybe that will turn into more awareness with hopefully more donations for more research.
  • Chickadee
    I was 50 when I got my diagnosis, but had had it seven years before that. By the time I got the diagnosis I was relieved to hear that the problem had a name. The problems started in my feet with numbness and tingling. It moved up my legs, and affected my balance. I went from walking fine, to using a cane, to using a walker, and am now full time in a wheelchair. I tell many people," I have MS, but MS does not have me!" every day when we get out of bed, we get to choose how were going to be. I choose joy, happiness, fun, laughter, and love.
  • sukhtobu

    You are a real hero.. I m confused and unsure.. seems like lifeplans are all gone... my daughter asked me "what are you looking forward to? a new life partner? A vacation?" I could not reply...

  • sjnorris89
    I love that quote.!! I have MS but MS doesnt have me.. After reading this im tearing up.  This made my day. thank you 
  • Hank
    I  was diagnosed at 54, which was 20 years ago.  Have primary progressive MS, which is a real creeper.
  • mrsg2013
    I was just diagnosed last week at the age of 36..... Something like 20 lesions on the MRI after totally blind in left eye with optic neuritis.  Total shocker.  Still kinda glad to know why I had bizzaro health issues( mis-diagnosed) now explained.  Haven't started any meds but had steroids introvenously for three days.  Still have pain but better.  Curious about the future, but have made plans for re-prioritizing my life and changing from my high stress job to less stressful one and exercise for the first time in my choice left but to laugh and make fun of my scrambled brains and fuzzy vision qs I wink at the world.....
  • Kiki04

    I was 35, my daughter was diagnosed at 15. The age spread in this post just proves it can hit at any age.

  • bigboysmom
    I was just dx this year at the age of 29. I have most likely have had it for at least 10 years. I was told i was hysteral at best. that the issue I had at 18 was a condition women in their twenty migh have if it didn't go away by thirty to come back. There was nothing wrong with your eyes, have a nice day. You eat to many apples and so on.

    Only reason I was dx was I had a seizure and found decent doctors who acutally cared and still do. I too am releaved!!!

    (sorry eye sight is off)
  • koucla1

    I was 21 when is was dx. there were no MRIs and very little info . That was in 1975 and I had been having a rough go of it for two years prior.  The prognoises was that I would most probably continue to worsen and walking again was a dream. I'm super glad they were wrong,,yes I have MS and Yes I am back on my feet . and now we even have meds...progress looks better every day...

  • natasha77
    I was just diagnosed last month. I am 28 and trying to still get a grip on what's going on.